Thursday, June 30, 2022


Thank you for all your comments about my hip. There’s much truth in what you say, and I think I have ¾’s decided to go with your advice and pay for an operation in order to get it done quickly. Helen will be back early next week. I won’t take any action until I have her here. I will talk to my sister by zoom at the weekend. She is anxious to press a doctor (GP or surgeon) to establish for sure (as much as possible) that nothing can be done to get me moving again without surgery. Oh, dear. Don’t get old if you can avoid it.


I’ve had a pleasant day’s Wimbledon, with Coco Gauff still to come this evening.


I forgot to tell you that I failed at Wordle yesterday. I’ve forgotten the word. It was off the beaten track, but still in my working vocabulary. I thought I was going to fail again today, but squeaked through in six. Thomas Miles needed six as well, and he’s clever.


And the knitting moves slowly forward. I’ve added the second colour. Slowly, but things definitely go better when I don’t have to spend half or more of each day’s knitting time helping Paradox with her bit. And the longer needle helps, too. It’s a pity that tennis doesn’t lend itself to colour knitting.

(image copied from Kate Davies' website)

Lisa, thank you for the beautiful postcard which I will give to Helen to keep once she is safely back. (It’s from Rome, with an astonishing mosaic.)



  1. Anonymous7:12 PM

    I had a hip replacement by Mr Moran at Spire Murrayfield early 2020, aged 62. It was the best decision ever.

  2. Yesterday was 'Gawky', I didnt get it . Today in 4!
    Hope you will find the right surgeon and hospital for your hip operation. So many of my friends have had the same op and all say how much easier mobility is.

  3. I'm a big fan of Private medical if you can afford it - I can write it off on my taxes here in Canada. But, even getting the tests done privately can move you up faster since most people are waiting for testing too. And that 24" needle myth . . . I use my 24" for washcloths, hats & socks. I usually use the 32" or the 40" for everything else . . . . .

  4. That is a beautiful pattern - once it is finished. But it may not have the simple symmetry needed to get your rhythm going with stranding. I wonder why your sister is a gainsayer on the hip op. Does she think the operation itself might be a risk to be considered?

  5. Anonymous12:39 AM

    I am glad the postcard arrived. They arrived in the UK, Canada and Germany the same week. I feel Italy maybe only sent out batches of mail once a month? It should not take 3 or 4 weeks to Scotland from Europe.
    Anyway - yes the mosaics in Rome were astonishing. After following Helen's mosaic posts over the years, now I look for mosaics on my travels. it was quite exciting to get to museums again after this long two-year COVID gap.
    I felt kind of weird about booking a trip, but truly enjoyed being in Rome. The artichokes were fantastic.
    Lisa RR

  6. Don't wait, pay for it if you can. We all need to enjoy as much of our lives as possible.

  7. Mary Lou2:05 AM

    Can you get an injection for the hip? I know people get them for knees and shoulders. I barely got Wordle yesterday and today took 4. I am happy to hear the longer needle helped. Still feeling a bit tired after yesterday’s booster.

  8. =Tamar2:32 AM

    That is a pretty pattern, but it is such a long repeat, it hardly qualifies. The motifs grow closer as it goes up the yoke, so maybe after a few inches upward it will develop a rhythmic feeling.

  9. Anonymous12:38 PM

    If you do proceed with hip replacement, there are a variety of approaches to the surgery. An anterior approach hip replacement is less invasive, has fewer restrictions post-op, and a quicker recovery time....if you are a candidate for that approach.
    When you have the consultation, ask the surgeon which approach they use and why. Also how many of them they have done.
    DH had an anterior approach 5 years ago (at age 68) and as a retired physical therapist, I was amazed at how quickly he was up and around.