Monday, June 13, 2022


Apologies again, and no excuses, either.


No walking. I didn’t even try, today. On Saturday and on Sunday I set boldly forth, on Saturday with Archie and on Sunday with C., but had to turn back both times because the hip wasn’t up to it. I’m comfortable enough sitting or lying, and even standing for a while. But I can’t walk without the hip threatening to give way. Helen has booked me a telephone conference with a dr., on Wednesday, I think. I will have to be emphatic about the agony.


Today’s family news is that Christina and Manaba (wee Hamish’s parents) are expecting kittens. The old kitchen door technique still works in Roslyn. (=turn the cat out, and she’ll come back pregnant.) She has actually had a scan today and been told that there are 3-4 weeks to go. Christina herself still has two months to wait.


Wordle: I had a titanic struggle today. I finally got it in five, my commonest score, I am afraid; and, as often, the worst in my little group. Still, I did get it.


And I knit some more sleeve for the Lillias Day. I have slowed down considerably since coming home from Cramond, but it’s inching forward.



  1. It took me five tries for Wordle today too. That was a tough one. Good luck with help for your hip.

  2. Anonymous7:22 PM

    I finally got Wordle on the 6th try. Phew. Janet in Seattle

  3. Wordle has been more misses than hits for me lately. Today it was merciful and I got it in four.

  4. =Tamar11:50 PM

    Hip threatening to give way is a severe issue; demand a bone scan if they don't offer. They can do a lot about hips if they choose to.
    Standing a little while every so often is probably as good as walking, all things considered. It's weight-bearing.

    I'm glad to hear that you are keeping on with the knitting.

  5. Anonymous5:23 AM

    Weight bearing is good, but not equivalent to muscle use. Jean, do please tell the doctor about the difficulty weight bearing as well as the pain, as both matter for a diagnosis or even for a decision how to proceed. I'm sure the GP will be able to do something to help you.