Wednesday, June 15, 2022


No visitors today. Helen’s husband David is here from Thessaloniki and they went off to the Borders for reasons unknown, perhaps for no reason. I don’t think I could have walked, anyway. I sat in the sun with my knitting for a while, leaving the door open for the cats. It was a fine morning, but they weren’t very keen on going out. People drive up and down Drummond Place in CARS. Sometimes DOGS walk past. I hope I can get them to Kirkmichael at least once this summer. There they go in and out as they please, and hunt for field mice and voles.


I have finished the first sleeve of the Lilias Day sweater; cast on and established the ribbing for the second. I think I have crossed the pons asinorum and the rest will move briskly. I cast on the first sleeve in the knitting group at Cramond the day before I left, so it took 12 days  -- and there were a couple of non-knit days in the mix.


Books: the feature in the Times is called “Jubilee books special: our favourite 50 novels of the past 70 years”. I can’t give you a link – it just says in the address line. I’m currently re-reading P.D. James’ “Original Sin” from the list. My first reading was long enough ago that I don’t remember anything important, just a vague sense of atmosphere, and I’m enjoying it a lot. Adam Dalgleish: we all love him. And Amazon was selling the Kindle edition for 99p.


Wordle: it took me five this morning, and I wasn’t at all pleased with the result when I got it. Mark reported himself baffled – that is something that simply doesn’t happen. Alexander, Ketki and Thomas, however, all scored threes and fours as if it were any old word. I haven’t heard from Rachel yet. I can speak more freely tomorrow, when you’ve all had a go at it. That’s one of Wordle’s admirable features: we all work on the same word, for one day only, and then the next day we can talk about it.




  1. You are an answer to prayer; I'm 'between books' having just finished a Donna Leon detective (set in Venice, descriptions of food make me desperate to go, also literary and art/architecture refences). One of hers is/was 99p. Anyway I left off reading your blog to get Original Sin (lovely cover) and will start it NOW!

  2. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Jean, I was wondering what you would say about today’s Wordle. I was not pleased, either — and it took me five, as well. I was particularly miffed because it seems the kind of word that the NYT would not accept for its Spelling Bee game. This is The Other Kristen — I cannot get Google to play nicely with whatever interface is managing comments here.

  3. Mary Lou8:50 PM

    I thought it was a cheat word - not even really a word. I have set myself to knitting a linen top with stash, so multiple colors in stripes. I don't really enjoy working with linen but I love the final product. We'll see. I look forward to some useful news from your chat with the MD.

  4. Mary Lou8:53 PM

    And I forgot to add that the list appears to live behind the firewall for the Times. I expect it will show up elsewhere soon.

  5. I got today's word in 3. When I looked up the definition I found it's a perfectly acceptable word in one usage, even though in other uses it's kind of not a word. So it's not a cheat, I guess.