Tuesday, June 21, 2022


Another good day, although no walk. I made good progress with the Lilias Day sleeve – I could even finish it tomorrow. What I did finish was a skein of yarn. First I was in that situation, familiar to all of us, where the remaining scrap of yarn appears miniscule but in fact goes on and on and ON. However, in the end it gave up, and I wound the next one and am basking in that glow of satisfaction which comes from having reduced the stash by one whole skein. And it was a 100-gram skein, at that. There is one more – I’m not altogether sure I’ll need it.


Helen is going to Greece at the crack of dawn tomorrow,  to teach mosaic-making on the slopes of Mount Pelion. She is worried about the predicted heat, and also about wildfire.


Wordle: it took me five again today, Ketki four, Thomas and friend Mark (the clever ones) three. Alexander hasn’t been heard from, a most unusual occurrence. He is scheduled to come and see me tomorrow.


Comments: Thank you for your help with Knit Stars. I gather that Scandinavian knitting is to be the theme this time. I’m at least mildly interested, and such a sweater for a grandson might be a worthy project for Calcutta Cup 2022 (we won again). As soon as Lilias Day is finished, I must return to the legwarmers (Calcutta Cup 2021) and when they are finished – there’s not much further to go – ’22 has to be the next project. Today is the summer solstice. The year is slipping away.


KayT, I did a Craftsy class with Stephen West once. He is thoroughly delightful.

Mary Lou, I can’t work out Millais’ monogram signature, but I don’t think a crown would be involved. Just his initials. One of his given names was Everett; I can’t remember the other. Our picture is one of my husband’s “finds”. He was a great one for going patiently through piles at auction sales. Spotting that monogram must have been an exciting moment for him, confirming his opinion of the picture itself.


  1. Think it was John Everett.

  2. =Tamar1:46 AM

    A hundred-gram skein is truly an achievement, especially on a sleeve.
    Sometimes I wonder whether your Calcutta Cup knitting has anything mysteriously to do with the number of wins!