Tuesday, June 28, 2022


Sorry about yesterday – I got swept up in Wimbledon, and then the afternoon was gone and I had had no nap. I have been more abstemious today.


There has been a major cat-induced glitch in the knitting. It has been recovered, but it took a while. I will never leave the room again without pitting it beyond paw-reach. It’s hard to recover colour knitting because, once everybody is back on the needle, you still have to consider the colour of every stitch – is it the colour it's supposed to be, or has it slipped back a row or two? In this case the balls themselves were tangled as well. So, no progress, but I’m back in the saddle.


Wordle: I am pressing ahead with my resolve only to enter words that might be right. I was rewarded with a three yesterday, with which I beat both Thomas and Alexander. I didn’t like the word, and now can’t remember what it was. Ketki also did it in three. Today Alexander and Ketki and I each got five, and their son Thomas had four. Friend Mark has mysteriously disappeared.


Comments: Beth, I forgot which PD James you recommended and have wound up with Shroud for a Nightingale. I will have to go on to the Private Patient.


Tamar, thank you for the meanings of WIELD. I love such words, my particular favourite being CLEAVE which has two opposite meanings.


I got the London Library magazine yesterday. I am a life member. The magazine has Antonia Fraser on the cover which made me wonder, Goodness gracious, am I really that old? (We are much of an age.) I think perhaps, after a bit more PD James, I will read her – Fraser’s – biography of Mary Queen of Scots. It’s very well recommended.


  1. Wordle in four today. They have had some rather strange words lately. I love words. One of my odd ones is 'wrought', which is apparently a past participle of 'work'.

  2. Anonymous9:29 PM

    I have an old cookie tin with a tight lid for cat proofing my knitting projects. Learned the hard way that leaving it out would appear to be too much potential for fun.

  3. =Tamar12:44 AM

    There are also plastic document boxes with a handle on top, which hold quite a lot, and latch securely. I believe some are translucent, which would allow one to see whether they contain documents or wool. The better ones are even stackable.

    Wrought is one of favorite words, too.

  4. Jean, I think the one I'm remembering is The Lighthouse, one of her later books. If it's the one I'm thinking of, there's a knitting clue and there's also a woman doing ecclesiastical embroidery.