Sunday, June 26, 2022


Archie and his youngest brother Fergus came to see me today. No walking, alas, but they were here when the Waitrose order arrived and got it stashed, under my supervision.


I heard from Rachel, She has just had a birthday, as I told you. She says her son Thomas gave her a Scotland rugby shirt, signed by all the team. Now she will have to figure out how to get it framed.


I have knit on, but not very far. Have I lost my mojo, when it comes to knitting colour? Or is it that DK is intrinsically less fun than Shetland jumper weight? I hope I’ll speed up, as life goes on. And of course it will eventually get smaller and quicker. My favourite blogger, Queer Joe, has been writing recently about the delights of starting at the widest point, where feasible, and knitting ever faster and faster as you near the end.


Wordle: four, today. Both of my guesses – lines three and four – were possible answers, incorporating all four of the brown tiles I had accumulated, each in a new position, and using, for the fifth letter, one I hadn’t already eliminated. It sounds obvious, but I don’t know that I’ve ever done exactly that before. Line three was wrong, line four was right. Ketki and Thomas got it in three, Alexander and Rachel (in London) needed only two. We haven’t heard from Mark yet.


  1. =Tamar10:22 PM

    That sounds like a very good technique for approaching wordle.
    I wonder, is part of the knitting issue the length of the repeat? A nice short rhythmic repeat is comforting, while a long one means you have to pay more attention and can't let habit take over.

  2. Mary Lou2:21 AM

    I’ve been traveling and had to catch up on all of your posts. I never even made it to Wordle on my phone until just now,I am sorry to hear of the arthritis, but at least you know what it is, and there are ways to handle it. Glad the PT is coming. I rode an electric assist bicycle this morning at my friend’s - very nice, I may look at acquiring one, especially with gas prices! Still slogging away on the linen top.

    1. I cannot recommend an ebike enough! I was an early adopter (2011) and bought myself a fancy new one last fall and I love it! I ride 15 or 20 miles every day now. So much fun.