Monday, April 13, 2020

A better day. I went for my little walk. I cleaned the litter tray. I washed the dishes (most of them). I made myself a tasty Mindful Chef vegan lunch – I often order the vegan options, but of course cook the fish and then the meat meals first, and I am afraid there have been times when I never got around to vegan at all. My refrigerator is well-stocked with tofu, as a result. But today I did, and it was good. And I put the rubbish out.

And (with thanks for your help) I seem to have solved my picture-sending problem. For some unimaginable reason, the iPad had forgotten my Google password, which it said it needed in order to send pictures to my Google account. I had forgotten it, too, so that took a bit of straightening out. How could that have happened? As recently as my recent trip to Strathardle with C., I was sending pictures merrily about.

So here they are, now sadly out of date. First of all, Paradox, exhausted by her adventure with that mouse:

Then, a very out-of-date picture of the Virus Scarf. I’ve now reached the half-way point. But it just goes on like that, lovely grey sprinkled with random stripes:

And I took this picture of the pattern, to show you what fun it is to be able to mark off each stripe as it is knit. By now, I have gone on to the next page:

And lockdown moves forward. Like you, Tamar, I’m used to being alone, and relish it. But I’m not really used to being completely alone, and it’s rather disconcerting. What happens when I’m not strong enough to put the rubbish out any more? But, goodness me, how much worse it would have been without the internet!


  1. Pictures of fuzzy kitty bellies are never out of date.

  2. Happy to see the progress on the scarf. It shows how much you are enjoying the process. It is snowing again, and I fear for Gertrude.

  3. =Tamar12:13 AM

    Better today here, too. It was so warm, I washed my hair.

  4. Im with you. Wannabe vegan. Lol

  5. Anonymous11:59 AM

    So many things the Internet can't do...can you keep your rubbish bin near the door, Jean, so there would be less pushing/carrying to do on rubbish day? Or would Perdita and Paradox love to get their paws on it? If so, maybe keep the "fragrant" left overs in the freezer (in hopefully a small bag) until it's time to take it all out. I do that sometimes in hot weather. Chloe