Monday, April 06, 2020

Not too bad a day. I did a circuit of the Gardens, well away from the few other fresh-air seekers. I changed the litter tray. I got the rubbish into its gull-proof bag, down the steps and onto the railing. That’s about it. I’m very inclined to go to Crombies first thing tomorrow for some sausages.

I watched the Queen last night, and was a bit disappointed. It was recorded, like a Christmas message, with clips interspersed of Britons doing heroic things. When Diana died, the Queen spoke to us live, and it was electrifying. I think I was expecting something like that.

I also think I’m not the only one to be uneasy about the health of the Prime Minister. We’re not being told much, at least, not today.

But on the other hand, I’m having a wonderful time with the Virus Scarf. Weavinfool, yes, it is the Blue Sky 21-color scarf, and it’s perfect for these troubled times. The yarn is delicious on the hands, soft and bouncy. (I think “squishy” is the technical term.) The colours are good. The fact that the percentage-achieved can be calculated precisely for the progress line in the sidebar (rows-so-far-knit divided by 524) is gratifying to an obsessive like me. The pattern consists of a row-by-row specification of each stripe and the number of rows it contains, and they can each be struck off once knit, and that’s gratifying too.

I’ll take pics tomorrow.


There was what I thought a sensationally good article in Saturday’s Financial Times, by the novelist Arundhati Roy, about India and the coronavirus. I asked Alexander if he had seen it, or would he like me to send? And he said they are trying not to accept anything but the most necessary from the outside world, but would I put it aside? That was sort of scary. He recommended her Booker-winning “The God of Small Things”.

I sought it on Amazon, and they told me I already had it. (Amazon could double their profits at a stroke if they stopped preventing silly old fools like me from buying books twice.) Sure enough. And I seem to have read about ¼ of it. I’ve gone back to the beginning and am enjoying it very much.


  1. Oh Jean,
    I saw the article by Roy and read part of it, and then could not go on as it was so dire. But I do intend to eventually read it. I like her writing and have read everything, I think. Her book of long short stories is delightful.
    I listened, here in New York, to the Queen's speech and did not not know it was pre recorded since I was watching much later. I should have figured it out. I did admire her words since we have a dearth of intelligent speech from our leaders here in the US.
    I look forward to your posts every day; so please stay well.

  2. Tracey9:13 PM

    I'm sorry you were disappointed by the Queen's Message as I found it comforting, encouraging and and a gentle reminder of what is needed from us right now.

  3. You can read her article in full on the financial times website. It still floors me the thought of those millions walking all those miles to try and reach home.

  4. Anonymous11:09 AM

    I think her message was recorded to limit human contact, but it did detract from the impact I suppose (didn't see it yet - too busy trying to work the grocery-buying app:). Had the same experience trying to re-buy something just yesterday. Amazon is pristine in everything they do. It is the secret of their success in this sloppy modern world (so says this cranky old lady). Chloe

  5. Anonymous4:51 PM

    I read the transcription of the Queen's speech and, like Sarah above, admired her words. I also join Sarah in appreciating *your* words and wishing you continued good health.
    -- Gretchen (aka stashdragon)