Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Another pretty good day. Helen came, and we did another two rounds of the garden. I did a few minutes of mild elderly exercise with a YouTube clip I happened across, as well. I made a list and managed to strike a couple of items off. I had a good Mindful Chef lunch (some are, some aren’t).

Perdita was sitting in the window of the Catalogue Room and glad to see us come home from our walk. Helen took a picture. It has progressed as far as my telephone but so far is stuck there.

The BBC is doing a lot of broadcasting from people’s kitchens these days. Early this morning, on the Today programme, Justin Webb finished one of his bits with a rhetorical question to which the response was a resounding meow from his cat. The co-presenter picked up the baton very neatly with: “The perfect answer”.

I got on well with the Virus Scarf. Only a couple of days of knitting remain, and then a couple more for the ends. I sent an order to Carol Sunday, so grossly and absurdly extravagant that I don’t dare tell even you until it turns up and I start to knit it.


We have plans for meeting-by-Zoom this weekend, including a family pub quiz.

I am re-reading “Lucky Jim” in lieu of a better idea. It stands up to the passage of time rather well. Jim is a university lecturer in medieval history, a subject he detests. “The hydrogen bomb, the South African government, Chiang Kai Shek, Senator McCarthy himself, would seem a light price to pay for no longer being in the Middle Ages.” An interesting list. Only of South Africa can one say with assurance that things have improved since the early ‘50’s when the book was written. Was Chiang Kai Shek all that bad?


Rachel, that is a depressing thought, that Tesco might promise flour (as they have) and not deliver it. I went back into the order just now and added a few things. Flour is still there, but they say I can’t have any lemons. Flour doesn’t really matter – the idea of making a sourdough starter is just for fun. Jenni and Amelia, thank you for your comments. Alexander agrees that making a starter is dead easy.


  1. Re. Chiang Kai Shek - "Critics denounce him as a dictator at the front of an authoritarian autocracy who suppressed and purged opponents and critics and arbitrarily incarcerated those he deemed as opposing to the Kuomintang among others.Estimates that the Nationalist government was responsible for between 6 and 18.5 million deaths."

  2. I have no way of buying groceries apart from home delivery, every delivery I play Ready Steady Cook trying to turn what they send me into recognisable meals. I've learnt not to plan my order around 1 source of protein since the week I ordered a big pack of chicken thighs which didn't arrive and no substitute was sent!

  3. We've ordered the marks and spencers boxes and found them good. I've just checked, spaghetti rice and loo rolls in the grocery box, and chocolate and biscuits and percy pig sweets, but no flour!

  4. I've not ordered more wool, but have instead ordered an extravagant leather folder and notebooks to go inside. I'm trying to pretend it is necessary for work (but then how have I managed for nearly half a century without it?)

  5. I'm interested to know how running in the ends works on that scarf. With a jumper the ends can be run in on the wrong side but a scarf does not have a wrong side as such.

  6. I can't say what Chiang Kai Shek was - good, bad or just what his times made him. He was, however named after our Siamese cat - the one who loved me as a baby and even consented to have his tail pulled. I can stil remember when he had a septic paw - having it bathed daiy. The noise was horrific, but never any struggles.

  7. Re: cat tails. I was carefully sterilizing baby bottles until I saw my baby edge over to the cat, grab her tail, and put the tail in her mouth. I stopped sterilizing after that and just gave them a good wash.