Sunday, April 05, 2020

Here’s Sam, self-isolating in Argyllshire. Self-isolation is particularly difficult for sheep:

And here he is with Thomas:

He seems to be aging very well. Perhaps a bit weaker in the legs than he was 12 years ago, but that’s true of many of us. I remember someone – presumably Thomas – asking that day, towards evening, “Can I have your sheep?” I am sure the question had previously been run past his parents.

Not too bad a day. My friend G came and force-marched me around Drummond Place Gardens. It had been quite a while since I had been out. There always seemed to be a delivery to wait in for. Spring has made impressive strides since I was last there. And I feel the better this evening for the effort.

I made good progress with the Virus Scarf, and will resume it soon when I go to watch the Queen. I’ve finished the first plain section, and begun on the striping, which is slow but fun. Each colour has to be located, of course, somewhere in the fistful provided, and the mini-skein wound. And as the contribution of each ends, it has to be re-attached to its label because it will one day be needed again.

I’ve done row 35 of 524. I hope my inability to show you that picture of Paradox resting after a strenuous morning of mousing, won’t prevent the sending across of other pictures. Anyway, I’ll try soon.


I had a stinker of a Freecell the other day. Even leaving it overnight didn’t help. I eventually got it, with more than an hour recorded on the clock. And, as almost always when that happens, I couldn’t think what I had done differently to make it come out. Even while the game was still in progress, when I had reached that stage where there is only tidying-up to be done, I couldn’t think why I had succeeded. Presumably, nevertheless, such struggles make one stronger.


  1. Anonymous1:16 PM

    If Sam can do it, we can do it. Of course you have given him a nice firm stuffing so he has the backbone to for whatever comes his way. So glad you still have him. Chloe

  2. Happy to hear you got out to see Spring. I have a few squill in the garden, but the daffodils are up and I hope they bloom. Newly planted last fall, and sometimes they fail. I have decided to "walk to work" before I go upstairs to my office. I miss that part of my day, so I stroll determinedly around the neighborhood and come back inside. It does help, I think, as does being able to knit during all of these teleconference calls.

  3. Which scarf is the virus scarf? Is it the Blue Sky scarf?

  4. Anonymous6:23 PM

    I'm having trouble with the machine but I'm still trying to comment. Sam is looking good.

  5. Anonymous6:24 PM

    P.S. This is =Tamar. I made the dreadful error of signing into an old google account, and now the wretched thing won't let go of my computer, and won't let me comment here ormally. Have I mentioned how much I loathe and despise google?

  6. It’s not google. It’s blogspot. Does work at all with safari. I have to read from. Google in order to post.

    Clear your cookies for this site only. Then you can put in your correct google account