Thursday, April 16, 2020

I’ve just had a little get-together by Zoom with James and Cathy and their daughter Rachel, in London; and my sister and her husband in DC. Not as good as actual physical people, but better than nothing. We’ll try it again soon, with more participants. Zoom is easy. I also had a good Skype conversation with my sister yesterday.

James has acquired quite a substantial grey beard since I last saw him. Very locked-down.

Otherwise, there is little to report. The Wrong Cabbage Kimchi effervesced a bit in the night but has been quiet in the hours of daylight. I didn’t go out today – saved the strength for some housework, hoovering and sweeping. Not easy.

Not much knitting, but a bit. Carol Sunday’s Machu Picchu is a possibility for my Absurd Next Project, except that it’s top-down. Could I turn it around, as I am doing for the Cameron Shawl? Perhaps that would be unwise. And I am encouraged that you, too, Mary Lou, have long had Meg’s spiral yoke at the back of your mind.

I looked at CafePress for a while today, hoping for a good coronavirus sweat- or polo-shirt. All the best slogans seemed to be on the mugs, and everybody has too many mugs already. I had not noticed before, however, how portentous the year looks in Latin: MMXX.

Soon it will be time to go out on the doorstep and applaud the NHS again.


  1. Jennifer Steingass has some wonderful yoke jumpers. I knitted Arboreal last year. They are top-down but I bet they could be converted.

    I just missed the weekly clap because we were watching a disaster movie from the 60s - "The day the Earth caught Fire", I think it was. Took us back to the days before CGI.

  2. Jean, you might have a look at Zazzle; similar to Cafe Press. I kind of like the shirt in black that just says "Nonessential" in white. Also "I celebrated my birthday in Quarantine and all I got was this lousy t-shirt". One more: Uncle Sam pointing his finger saying "I WANT...Your Toilet Paper".

  3. Macho Picchu is gorgeous! I love the name Wrong Cabbage Kimchi. Sounds like Wallace and Gromit!

  4. Jean, I like Machu Picchu so much that I bought the pattern a few months ago. If I were to knit it I’d probably do it from the bottom up, with the body knit on the knitting machine as I’ve done all my other yoke sweaters. Lace doesn’t always translate well in both directions but stranded knitting does (as in reversing charts and knitting sleeves from the top down) so I’m sure you could do it that way!

  5. Anonymous10:10 AM

    I won't be able to do it, but Manchu Picchu is gorgeous. Sometimes it is enough for me that such a thing exists. Chloe

  6. Have you looked at the Strange Brew collection by Tin Can Knits? It includes instructions for yoked sweaters from the top down and the bottom up.