Friday, April 03, 2020

On we go. This is getting rather tedious, but I’m tottering on. I went out on the doorstep yesterday evening at 7:59 to applaud the NHS, feeling rather foolish and wondering whether Drummond Place went in for that sort of thing. But at 8 p.m. there we all were, clapping away, and next door neighbour’s son played Scotland the Brave on the bagpipes and it was very touching.

The Queen is going to speak to us on Sunday.

The yarn for the scarf arrived. (The only human beings I see these days are delivery men, from a safe distance.) I had already done two rows of Cameron Scarf by that time, and thought I might allow myself to wind a skein of the base colour and make a little start. But I sort of felt in my fingers the wisdom of the suggestion I got on Shetland (mentioned here previously) to stick with lace once having embarked on it, rather than interspersing something of a different gauge. (Although I will intersperse away, once this piece of the shawl is finished.)

I’ve finished row 7, the last pattern row. There now follow five plain rows, and then what I think is called a “break” row – YO, K2tog all the way across. Plenty of time for lots of counting.

I had a nice newsletter-email today from Misa Hay, who so brilliantly organises and runs the Shetland Wool Adventure I went on a year ago. Another small business to worry about. It’s a cheerful message, with advice about gardening and baking – she used often to provide us with her own homemade cakes at tea time – and pictures of chilly Shetland in the early spring.

She says that Wilma Malcolmson is the Wool Week patron this year, and there is a picture of this year’s hat. Well, maybe. The Edinburgh Festival is gone, as you probably know, to the somewhat relief of residents but substantial loss to the city. The 138th Strathardle Highland Gathering is still going ahead on August 24th, according to its website. Well, maybe, again.

A “knitted sheep” is asked for in one of the Home Industries Tent categories. Humph. I won the Glenisla Shield with Sam the Ram in ’07, when the category was “knitted toy”. He should remain the definitive Strathardle knitted sheep. (He lives on the shores of Loch Fyne, with Alexander and Ketki’s sons.)


  1. I did a search of the blog for Sam the Ram and saw several entries but no pictures. Is there one somewhere?

  2. It is all those "maybe" and "to be confirmed" notices that make me realise how much I am NOT doing this year. Even if the organisers say something will happen will be brave enough to venture out?

  3. Wilma’s Wool Week Hat is called Katie’s Kep and there’s a KAL for it on Facebook with quite a few finished kep’s already! I’m almost done with the second pattern on mine even though I wasn’t planning on going to Shetland this year....glad I wasn’t, I’d be on tenterhooks wondering and worrying about it. I’m guessing it probably won’t happen, that’s the vibe I get from some of the Shetlanders I follow....sad for Wilma.....but a great response for the hat since everyone has a lot of time for knitting these days.

  4. I remember Sam the Ram, and in my humble opinion there could never be a more handsome or more perfect sheep! Not to mention his wonderful sweater to keep him toasty. Hang in, Jean. We are all struggling but we will make it.

  5. Our Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, always the first full weekend in May, was canceled for the first time in 47 years. Understandable but sad.

  6. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Been away (obviously). Commenting will probably be intermittent from now on. Partially due to geography. I know it must have felt silly going out on your doorstep clapping. But quite right if you had seen footage of people gathering around hospitals to clap. Where was the Social Distancing there? I imagine the medical personnel there both glowing from the warmth of encouragement and yet shuddering at the same time! Have loved hearing about your lace shawl, Jean. Chloe

  7. Anonymous12:36 PM

    P.S. Sam the Ram is on Ravelry. No wonder you wion a prize. That would have been a spectacular piece of knitting. Not to mention, FUN!

  8. Anne C.6:47 PM

    I remember your winning with Sam the Ram! And, lo, there he is, in the last post of 2007 (first post that comes up in your archive).