Wednesday, April 29, 2020

What are they going to do with that baby? Boris can scarcely run the country if he isn’t getting any sleep. Perhaps they embedded a nanny before lockdown. It’s one question we’ll soon have the answer to.

All well here, I guess. My friend Sylvia, whom I’ve often mentioned lately, seems to spend her days much as I do, doing nothing, but without being haunted by the to-do list. I struck off a couple of items today. Several remain. We’ve had a very dry April. I have a heavy watering can full and ready to carry out to the doorstep – but I believed the weather forecast and went to bed for my nap without actually doing it. Alas, it remains to be done.

The Virus Scarf is all finished except for a few more base-colour rows at the end. Shandy, it has a front and a back. It’s a k3, p1 rib. The right-side edges curl in slightly, st st fashion. I think it’ll work. We’ll see. But there’s certainly a wrong side for the ends to be woven into.

One piece of good news: that avocado tree is alive. Nothing much has happened. It’s no more interesting. But it no longer looks moribund. Soon, perhaps, a picture of that, and of the scarf, and of apple blossom time in Drummond Place (=on my doorstep).


  1. You the very MINUTE you use that watering can, you will hear thunder off in the distance!

  2. The view from my third floor office window includes the top of the flowering crabapple tree in front of the house. There are tiny soon-to-be flowers on it, I can't wait for the bloom.

  3. Re the list - even if you never manage to get the items on it ticked off, just being able to construct a list suggests some grip on the world. I've known people, at work, when I was still working, who felt so overwhelmed that they could not see what needed to be done, let alone prioritising what was urgent and what was important.

  4. =Tamar3:04 AM

    Seriously, I am impressed by all of you. If I get one thing done in a day, I'm doing well. My natural procrastination has exceeded all former levels.

    1. Anonymous4:49 PM

      Same here, Tamar.
      -- Gretchen (aka stashdragon)

    2. Anne C.6:56 PM

      I'm right there with you on the procrastinating...