Sunday, April 12, 2020

Happy Easter, all! (or what’s left of it) I’ve had a pretty good day – short on exercise, though. I must do better tomorrow.

This remains a very odd situation. My niece C. phoned today – she’s the one who has moved in with her pregnant daughter and son-in-law, slightly against the rules but I suspect to the benefit of all three. All four.The younger C. has a 38-week ante-natal appt tomorrow. Not long to go. They go out for invigorating walks, and Manaba, who is a brilliant and inventive cook, keeps surprising them with treats.

I’ve spoken to all of my children today, as well. All had lamb to eat (not me), and all sound well.

And the Virus Scarf moves forward, as the sidebar shows if I remember to do it.

I’ve watched the rest of last week’s Fruity Knitting. The natural dyer wasn’t quite as interesting as she might have been – her mother is the one who knows about plants. I marvel again, as I’ve said here before, at the Fair Isle knitters, and others, who discovered so much about natural dyes while leading such austere and difficult lives.


I’m moving forward happily with Roy, “The God of Small Things”. The Duchess of Cornwall (= Camilla) has published a list of books today which she recommends for lockdown reading. I agree with her about the few names on the list I recognise, so might think of attempting the rest.


  1. Happy Easter. Have had a good long catch up of your posts this last week. Too busy and exhausted after long days working from home. You can find Cuomo by searching in YouTube for Cuomo. Many news services are carrying it daily so you can go back for as long as you like.

    I would not suggest watching the White House pressers. They are pretty horrrific. DJT is using substitute campaign platforms and its revolting to watch him lie and dissemble. I’d you must just fast forward to Fauci and Birxs. They are the only ones it’s worth to listen.
    Thank you for staying safe and continuing to write!

  2. popping in again. to extol Youtube's treats

    Sandi Toksvig has a delightful daily 10 minutes post called TOX VOX. its lovely and full of interesting bits .. i am huge fan and if you are not, well sorry but give this a shot. its truly delightful

    tooting my horn - i have a website that is centered about the daily 7 operas that air on the Met Opera channel on Siriusxm. HOWEVER in this time of Isolation i have expanded it to include the MANY FREE STreaming events that opera houses and symphonies and theatre groups are providing daily and weekly.

    some - Royal Opera, Vienna Opera, Teatro alla Scala, MET Opera, etc ... National Theatre, CHicago Symphony Orchestra. etc.

    ALL of these are listed by day with links directly to the streams. some streams are limited to 24 hours availability (MET, Vienna) some are available for few days and some for a week or more). all of this is indicated. There are typically at least a dozen a day.

    Please give it a look - there is some wonderful things - Friday I watched a 1961 Don Giovanni that was presented a month after the Wall had been erected in Berlin. A great cast and a truly fabulous production. click on Streaming Events..

    Happy Easter!

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    2. i got it wrong its VOX TOX as way of apology here is the link

  3. Happy Easter to you, Jean. I don't even have a chocolate rabbit to bite the ears from. I snowed today and I have stayed in and knitting. I'm designing a shawl/wrap with some lovely yarn from GreatSouthern Yarn in Australia. I am focusing on something simple and comforting to knit, no stress. That, of course, I when I start making mistakes!

  4. =Tamar2:22 AM

    Today was like the others except that I got a phone call from an old friend and we talked for hours. She says the profiteering in Philadelphia is horrible, with prices three and four times what they were. Her neighbor shops daily. My friend says that Project Gutenberg in Australia has a different selection of books, books that are not on the USA Project Gutenberg. How very odd.

    Using plant dyes requires extremely careful observation and testing. One that I heard of has to be harvested at the right time of year in the right weather, after growing near the right kind of other plant, or the color is completely different. Both amazing patience and record keeping were needed to learn that.

  5. Happy Easter, Jean. Self isolation is so much more bearable having your blog to read each day. I am going to check out the Duchess of Cornwall's book suggestions. Thanks for the heads up.