Tuesday, April 07, 2020

I trudged around Drummond Place Gardens again – what a glorious day it was! There were an unusual number of child-walkers there and it was pleasant to call out greetings to them, especially as I so rarely see fellow human beings these days. I was persuaded not to go out for those sausages.

Helen and I have a scheme for tomorrow. She is going to come around early, and sit on the front step (hoping for another day like today) while I have a bath. I am afraid to do it, these days, when I am alone in the house, for fear of falling. Now that I don’t have Daniela, I’m getting pretty dirty. If I don’t reappear within half an hour, Helen will come in and mount a rescue operation.

Not much progress on the Virus Scarf, but some. I took the promised picture, but again can’t get it out of the iPad. I’m not doing anything different – what’s gone wrong? Two things to try: I could send the pictures to someone else, who could then (if they arrive) send them back to me. Or I could take pictures on my telephone instead of the iPad, and see if that’s any more cooperative.

Failing that, here’s a better one. My friend G., instead of bullying me around Drummond Place Gardens, walked up to Holyrood this morning:

I think that's the palace, off to the right.


  1. Hello Jean. Here's hoping no rescue op will be needed.
    Regarding the photo, I don't know iPads, but you can always send yourself an email with the photo attached. I do it regularly to get photos from my phone to my computer when I dont want to wait for the synchronisation to Google photos. Looking forward to seeing the Virus scarf.

  2. Hello Jean, this photo is making me homesick. Is this not the view from Arthur's Seat? I remember having picnics up there as a child. Great times. You're plan to have a bath is an excellent one. Enjoy it

  3. Yes, looks like perhaps partway up Arthur's Seat. Lovely to see Edinburgh in the spring sunshine. Glad you got out into your Gardens today.

  4. Anonymous12:13 PM

    It sounds as though the problematic tooth has improved - a great relief.
    Now as to the anxiety about falling in the bath. Do you have handrails to hold on to? I mean substantial ones, not those tiny things which are sometimes part of the bath. Do you have an anti-slip mat? If not, may I suggest getting both as they should help you to be more secure in the bath and particularly when getting in and out. There are specialised baths where part of the side moves so that the bather can just step in (rather than having to climb over the side), but that is more complicated.
    I'd like to feel that you can enjoy yur bath without anxiety, or a time limit, as a relaxing soak in hot water is a marvellous thing in these restricted times. keep well
    Helen (anon)