Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Not too bad a day. I spent much of the morning stamping about in a state of not-wanting-to-go-out, then I went out and did my circuit of the garden, and then had a healthy Mindful Chef lunch. No knitting.

The Wrong Cabbage Kimchi is looking tasty in its jars (means nothing) and is quiet so far. I would expect more action from tomorrow, and yet more over the weekend. When I went to bed last night, the kitchen was gochugaru-red from one end to the other; it's somewhat better now.

I have been seized by the desire to knit a yoke sweater – bottom-up, so as to enjoy that delicious sense of the circuit getting smaller. While life continues in this strange non-state, I figure I can do anything I want. And that applies to all of us. I’ve got to finish the scarf first, of course.

I spent some time this morning, however (part of the pre-walk delaying tactic), looking at Brooklyn Tweed patterns, and then at Ravelry, where I was reminded of an old un-knit favourite, Meg’s Spiral Yoke Sweater in her little book “Handknitting with Meg Swanson”. That’s a possibility.

That led me on to her book “Knitting” – fancy that title being unoccupied and ready for her! There are some good things there, too, and interesting autobiographical material at the beginning. It was remarkable, I thought, that both books were exactly where they should be on my shelves.


Another New Yorker (April 6). It’s not entirely devoted to COVID-19, but it contains an excellent article on the subject by Siddhartha Mukherjee.

I have finished reading Arundhati Roy’s “God of Small Things” (very, very good) and moved on cautiously to her more recent “The Ministry of Utmost Happiness”. She has written a lot, on various topics, but not much fiction.

I am about to have a Skype conversation with my sister. She is used to more sophisticated platforms and finds it a bit hard to deal with. It is the height of sophistication for me (and equally hard to deal with).


  1. =Tamar12:10 AM

    Skype is beyond me. I tried it once years ago with a different machine, for a group discussion and decided such things were not for me. Maybe better machinery would have helped. I am trying to remember to walk more around the house. I have not left the house except to get the mail from the mailbox in 30 days. But some paperwork must be done which is allowed by the new MD shutdown. They actually sent a robocall to everyone in the state with a telephone, and had a 'press 1 to indicate having received the call'. Wow.

  2. The April 13th New Yorker, when you get it, is full of beautifully written short pieces on the pandemic. There is also a TotT piece that I found crushingly sad.

  3. If any books were exactly where they should be on my knitting books shelves it would mean a little elf had come in the night and put them away! I have always had that spiral yoke sweater in the back of my mind, I might still have the yarn I was going to use...