Friday, April 10, 2020

One of my favourite columnists suggested on Wednesday that the animals are beginning to realise that there is something wrong with us, and are quietly planning their takeover. We’d better keep an eye on them.

I have had another day of fairly serious non-achievement, including not writing an Italian essay. It takes a lot of time and effort to do nothing all day. A rose arrived which I had ordered recently (“Gertrude Jekyll” from David Austin). Helen has become as passionate a gardener as her brother James – she came roaring around after lunch and planted it in a pot on my doorstep. Perhaps I’ll sit out on the step tomorrow and do some gentle tidying and pruning. I’ve ordered seeds and plug plants for some of the other pots but they won’t be here for a while.

The Virus Scarf speeds forward. I wish I could photograph it for you. It’s perfect comfort knitting. All of the mini-skeins are now wound, and have made their first appearance. There is another 150-gram base-colour skein in reserve, but I am now far enough on the way to halfway that I think I won’t need all of it. I’ll still have to wind it.

I went out on the doorstep again last night to clap for the NHS. It was nice, again, to see my neighbours.

The time in the bottom right-hand corner of my computer screen has put itself right. That was very odd.


  1. The Gertrude Jekyll rose is beautiful and the scent is heavenly. We are on a first name basis with her in our garden. “Look, Gertrude has a bud!”

  2. Anonymous12:06 AM

    Eg the Kashmiri goats in Llandudno? and
    Typical goat behaviour, testing everything to see if it is edible. I should dearly like to get my hands on some of their undercoat (which is, of course, cashmere) but a) they are distant in Wales and b) I don't like the look of those horns.

    However the local St David's Hospice has created a t shirt representing the goats' visits and I might just buy one of those.
    Meanwhile I shall watch the videos again!

    Helen (anon)

  3. =Tamar12:20 AM

    I think there have been some deer wandering through cities where they do not normally go. Though deer (and the occasional moose) will do that even when people are around.

    I used to panic when the computer did something weird. Nowadays I just assume the programmers are at it again, and wait for it to resolve itself. Speaking of which, the dreaded g**gl* appears to have released my computer. Yay!

    1. I replied to your original comment

  4. Better a few goats entering a quiet town than a deadly virus creeping in.
    I envy you your scarf with its planned sequence of colours. Yesterday I picked back up the project I was working on before I broke my wrist - Houlland by Donna Smith. I've had to take out a few long rows in order to fix a glitch. But it's back up and running now. Knitting with my right hand again, instead of my left, restores all that calming rhythm. just need to remember to count and check regularly.

  5. Gertrude was my first ever rose in my first ever garden. It’s a long story but after 12 years of creating and building. A garden I had to leave and have only a small section of a huge yard in my new rental because the landlord loves grass. It’s sad but I took a cutting of my Gertrude and it is leaving out in a little pot.

  6. The other day (a few days before it happened to you) I noticed the same thing about the time on my computer. I checked the setting, and it seemed to be correct, but the time was wrong. Then, later in the day it corrected itself.