Thursday, April 09, 2020

Well, here we are, one day on. I did my circuit of Drummond Place Gardens. There’s something wonderfully new in a garden every day, this time of year. The scarf advances well, and I continue to like the way it’s looking. And it’s moving along so briskly that I may have time for a second piece of Virus Knitting before I am released from house arrest.

Helen said (over the phone, of course) that she went to a homewares shop yesterday. Why was it open? It was wonderful, she said. It was full of THINGS!

Queer Joe continues to post little knitting videos, informative and friendly. And I’ve still got the best part of this week’s Fruity Knitting to watch: someone who does natural dyes, a subject I have dabbled in myself. The problem is to avoid getting a dull brown, time after time, plant after plant. The first interview was with a Scandinavian designer who goes in for too much embellishment for my taste.

My friend Sylvia, who writes a private blog, had a virtual seder yesterday with many friends and family present, and she had to admit that it was easier than  cooking for 14. She posted this, which had been sent to her by another Oberlin friend, the link, indeed, between me and Sylvia. They were besties in high school:

Only a fortnight ago, I wouldn’t have grasped the point. We are living and learning.

The time in the lower right-hand corner of this computer is wrong – it has Sprung Forward another hour. How could that be? These are unnerving times, indeed.


  1. Love the image, Jean, especially on Maundy Thursday! We have two sets of friends who participated in virtual seders last night - one involving 60 people! Different Passover this year for sure.

  2. =Tamar12:36 AM

    Lol at the image. It did take me a moment to grasp it.

    I am far too accustomed to staying in. Having been told (and rewarded with online praise) to do nothing, this is becoming a bad habit. I could see a social divide forming between the natural indoor people and those who are frantic to go outside.

  3. I have worked hard at the social distancing thing, even have a mask I wear when going in the grocery or pharmacy and those are the only places I go. But, I am forced to admit that I go out for a few minutes each day, get in my car and just drive around, with no contact with anyone. I have had medical issues through the years that have forced me to stay in for 6-8 weeks at a time, and I am prone to severe "cabin fever." Just getting out for that little ride has made all the difference in the world to me. I guess it is selfish, but since I do not interact with anyone I don't think I have harmed anyone and have helped myself.

  4. Last night I joined in with the 'clap and cheer for all the NHS and keyworkers' for the first time... Our neighborhood is very staid in appearance-neat bungalows and semis and I hadn't heard anyone previous week's. But I saw the lady opposite lurking in her front garden, so I unearthed my saxophone and made an unearthly din rendering (in both senses) 'lean on me'. There were quite a few of us out in the end! I'll have to work up something else for next Thursday...