Friday, April 24, 2020

I did some things today, not others. List-making helps. I got around the gardens, at least. We lost a eucalyptus tree in a winter storm, regretted especially by me as it was the only tree I could readily identify. So I am working on trees. I think I’ve nailed a sycamore and a chestnut, and of course the trees so beautiful just now must be cherries.

(My mother used to teach college English in NJ. She would on occasion set her students at “Now of my threescore years and ten/ twenty will not come again…” and ask them how old the poet was. They found it very difficult.)

The Virus Scarf is progressing  nicely. A decision about the future will be needed very soon.


Mary Lou, I didn’t even know that the Marshall Scholarship was the first international one open to women. (Although that makes sense.) Back then, it was just open to people.

First sight of England: Beth and Chloe, my memory of that train journey from Southampton to London is not exactly greenness but all those tidy and loved little gardens, sloping down to the railway line.

I had been there the summer before, staying with my Oberlin friend Sylvia who now writes the private blog I mentioned a day or two ago. My first sight of Europe, on that trip, was Cobh in the south of Ireland. A few passengers went ashore by tender. First down the gangplank was a tedious professional Irishman who had been boring us all throughout the voyage. He had an accordian, and was playing a jig. Next was an invisible-type woman, never previously noticed. She started dancing. And one of the sailors on the tender left off what he was supposed to be doing, and danced with her. Ireland! Europe!

Back to knitting

Mary Lou, I agree with you utterly about the avoidance of fussiness. But in my heyday – I suspect you’re still enjoying yours – I found I liked Kaffe’s rhythmical patterns (but not the cloud-like ones). That tumbling block pattern that he re-worked several times.


  1. On a Facebook knitting site, someone put up a section of Kaffe's "Poppies", instantly recognisable. This prompted someone in Australia to comment that she had never heard of Kaffe… I suppose if you were very, very young this would be possible. I had two of those Tumbling Block cardigans, one very similar to the Pompeii Jacket. I got a lot of wear out of that.

  2. And take from seventy springs a score,
    It only leaves me fifty more.