Wednesday, April 01, 2020

I am very touched and very grateful for your response to my dismal post of yesterday. Today went much better. JennyS, I put your suggestion into practice straight away. Again, I couldn’t go out, for fear yesterday’s delivery would come (and it did) – but I live in a long, straight apartment and so instead of walking straight across from kitchen to sitting room when I wanted to sit and knit, I walked the whole length and back, to both ends. It takes somewhat over 100 steps. Better than nothing.

And I found an unemployed Katcha Katcha and recorded how many times I had done it during the day. I would be embarrassed to tell you how few – but maybe I’ll do more tomorrow.

And I began the day by making a short and simple list of some things I hoped to accomplish: this is perhaps a variation of what you are suggesting, Shandy. My list was to order some gochugaru chilli powder, an essential ingredient in kimchi on which I’m getting low; to pay some bills; and to cook a proper lunch instead of just sitting there picking at cheese. I achieved all three.

My sister phoned from DC. It was good to talk to her. I had been toying with your idea, Allison, of employing Skype. I use it successfully for my Italian lessons, and also, recently, signed a document giving Helen power of attorney when I can no longer function – that had to be done in the presence of a solicitor, and apparently Skype counts as “presence” in these up-to-date times.

My impression is that DC is not quite as locked-down as Edinburgh. My sister said that her husband’s dentist is nagging him to have a broken crown repaired. It’ll have to be done, but not right now. Helen has what sounds like an extremely painful abscess. She phoned our dentist last night, and he said that no one would examine her in present circumstances. He managed to get her a prescription for some antibiotics and a painkiller. Abscesses can be dangerous; I’ll be glad to hear that the antibiotics are working.

Also.President Trump still seems to be conducting his press conferences in the real world, with everyone sitting well apart, whereas the British government’s daily press briefing is now entirely remote.

Knitting: I’ve finished row 14 of the first two Cameron Shawl borders, and have polished off the Trees of Life. AND I have ordered that expensive Blue Sky 21-colour scarf kit. I wanted to knit something that could forever be the Coronovirus Knit.

But I still can't get that picture of Paradox out of the iPad for you.


  1. Well, Paradox is behaving like a typical cat, refusing to come out and be admired. I'm glad you decided to spring for the scarf kit. I'm tempted too. Buying yarn seems to me to be almost a civic duty in these tough times.

  2. I've got some of that spice mix left over - if you email your address I'll post it to you - have you still got mine since you sent me the baby surprise pattern? Or shall I email it to you?

  3. Oh poor Helen! Abcesses are terrible painful, and dangerous. I've had several. My dentist sent out a notice saying that if we were in pain or had an emergency, he would arrange to see us. They are all gowned, masked and scrubbed anyway. I hope it improves for her. I've been trying to get out and walk, but I have started making a few laps in the yard before i go up to my office. "Walking to work" as I used to.

  4. Anonymous12:52 AM

    Ooh! Much sympathy for Helen. An abcess under a tooth is horrendous. Usually the course of events is to allow the antibiotics to do their work before attempting any other treatment. Let's hope they work quickly.
    Helen (anon)

  5. Yesterday I had to go out to do errands: bank deposit, 2 grocers, and a pharmacy. I’m in rural California. There were lots of people wearing masks and fellow shoppers were unusually friendly. Maybe it’s seeing other faces and/or the thought we may not see them ever again. I was able to buy kibble and litter for my furry companions as well as a month’s worth of food for us.
    It has been dismal and drippy for days. Today dawned sunny and it will be an outside day. We can’t see anyone from our place so we can go anywhere on our land.

  6. Anne C.7:00 PM

    Jean, I find your sister's comment about DC interesting. I'm just outside of DC, in Maryland, and the region (DC-MD-VA) is under stay-at-home orders. That's more stringent than the "social distancing" we've been doing since mid-March. Schools and nonessential businesses are closed, and our rules seem to be the same as many places: only going out for food, medical supplies or to care for a family member. We can go out to walk, but not in groups. When I see another person walking in my neighborhood on the same side of the street, one of us shifts over to the other side, to maintain that 6-ft separation.

  7. =Tamar11:44 PM

    I am also in MD. As I understand it, the stay-home declaration is not quite as stringent as some think, but it is going to interfere with, e.g., tax filing by those who need help from a professional. The so-called stimulus checks (really just an advance on next year's tax refund, when they'll take it all back) - those will be based on this year's filing of taxes. The filing deadline has been extended to July.
    Abscesses are dangerous. A friend in VA has just had one worked on, no waiting. It qualified as an emergency.