Thursday, April 30, 2020

A fairly good day. A few things crossed off the list. My main problem at the moment is that there are two biggies at the top of the list, and I keep not doing either of them: a simple email to the lawyer; and a phone call to my dear garage, to discuss giving up my car. I think it’s time for that. Maybe, having told you, I’ll do both tomorrow.

The order came from Tesco and sure enough, Rachel, no flour. That’s better than getting 50 pounds of it.

No news about the baby – my niece C’s grandchild, the one with the South African hap. It’s now three or four days overdue.

I’ve finished knitting the Virus Scarf, and have embarked on the weaving-in-of-ends. It’s going to take a while.

Here’s the avocado. Boring, as promised, but surely alive:

And here is Apple Blossom Time in Drummond Place. That’s my new “Gertrude Jekyll” in the background. I think, even at this disadvantage, you can see the buds swelling on her sturdy stems.

You’ll have heard of the elderly WWII veteran, “Captain Tom”, who decided to walk 100 times around his garden in anticipation of his 100th birthday. He invited sponsors, hoping to raise £1000 or so for the NHS, and has raised millions and become a national hero. Today is the actual birthday. He has been promoted to Colonel and there was a fly-past by a couple of genuine, antique Spitfires but what moves me to tears for some reason is that he has been made an honorary member of the England cricket team. A recent former captain went along and gave him the cap.


  1. =Tamar12:25 PM

    Hooray for Colonel Tom!

  2. I have loved reading about Captain Tom! He's a star!
    Happy end weaving.
    I hope it isn't too hard saying goodbye to your car, Jean.
    I love your avocado plant. I thought of you when I threw a pit away the other day.
    The blossoms are lovely! We had a late snow and cold spell that really hit the spring blossoms hard here in Colorado. Sigh.
    Take care and thank you for your blog posts. I like them.