Friday, March 19, 2021


2663 steps so far today – around the garden twice with C., making tentative plans about what to do with our cruise bookings. But then prostration, and nothing more was accomplished. No knitting, even. Helen has grand plans for getting me in training. I am more inclined to feel that with May 1 gone from my mental calendar – the day our cruise was meant to have sailed – there is not much incentive left to do anything.


Helen and her son Archie are watching something on Netflix about serial killers. I don't find it very interesting, but have latched on to something about the history of cooking, instead. Episode 2 is about the importance of sourdough in the history of civilization – until very recently, it was the only sort of leavened bread. And leavened bread, according to Netflix, is a lot more nourishing and digestible than just sitting there chewing on a stalk of wheat. Flatbreads weren’t mentioned.


  1. Jean - a neighbor of mine here in Seattle is an expert on modern breads. She will be speaking on the topic at The International Conference Wales on June 7. All virtual of course. You might want the link so you too could tap in - virtually of course.

  2. Is there not a tentative plan to go to Strathardle this year, once the world opens up? Why not pencil that in as your target date instead? And you need to get the plan going for that vest so that you have knitting to think about as well as to complete.

  3. =Tamar12:28 PM

    I agree, it is wearing to have external goals thwarted. Personal goals are simpler, and can be renewed, e.g., 2700 steps, experiments with kimchi, designing knitting patterns, etc. The bread conference sounds interesting.