Sunday, March 28, 2021


Always a happy day, when the clocks go forward and the light comes back.


2091 steps. C. came.


Helen got vaccinated yesterday. She was worried about feeling under the weather – during the week she devotes all the hours God sends to mosaic-making, and needs the weekends for catching up on Life. She rushed in and out today. I saw her just long enough to hear her say that she felt more or less all right. She’s got all of her boys at home, and I think her husband is going to contrive to get here from Thessaloniki next week.


Still no knitting. I think what I need to do is set Audio Books to work reading “Wives and Daughters” to me. I’ll remember your tip about the film on YouTube, Shandy, but I’ll finish reading first. If an adaptation is really good, like the BBC “Pride and Prejudice”, it’s even better after reading. In this case, I’m not at all sure I haven’t read it before – but it bears reading again.


  1. Found a nice article about AGA--I had no idea of how it worked!

  2. The amazing thing about the adaptation is that the actor who plays the side-kick detective from "Foyles War" is Roger, the love interest, and very fine he looks too. He did not look like a romantic lead in "Foyles War" but I expect it paid the rent.