Friday, March 26, 2021


Very feeble, today. Helen was here, mosaic’ing away – we got once around the garden, early, and I did my extra up-and-down of the front steps as well. Since then I have been mostly dozing in my chair. I must try to stay awake this evening to watch Scotland play France at rugby. There is even an implausible set of circumstances by which we might come second in the tournament (of which this is the end) (second, behind Wales, I think).


I did get the stitches picked up for the second Polliwog sleeve, and a stripe or two done to boot. So there isn’t much more to do, even for one as feeble as I – I had probably better order in the yarn for wee Hamish’s Calcutta Cup vest. Jamieson & Smith are always very prompt, but still…


  1. I've been meaning to thank you and Helen for the "steps" phone app. I found it on my phone and have been trying to get better. I put it on my phone when I was not feeling well, and the first week or so I was counting less than 1000 per day. I'm up to over 3000 a day now, and today was able to walk to and from a parking spot more than a mile away! So thank you!

  2. Anonymous10:47 PM

    Sorry to introduce a sour note, but on the radio today there was talk of a very professional scam involving parcels and I feel the warning needs to be shared...

    It begins with a phone call to say that you owe a small amount of excess postage on a parcel. If you pay now, they can deliver it tomorrow. So you go through the phone banking process and pay. A bit later there is a call pretending to be from your bank saying that the first call was a scam, your account is now at risk and you must immediately transfer all the money into a 'safe' account. They can even make their phone number appear to be from your bank.

    It is done so professionally that people are easily taken in, especially if they are expecting a genuine parcel or are busy with something else. Please take care.

    I so much hope this does not spoil your enjoyment of the future Jamieson & Smith parcel.
    helen (Anon)

  3. If you have started the second sleeve, you are nearly finished! I am making a baby blanket in very similar colors. It’s a self-striping cotton from Berroco called Medina.