Thursday, March 11, 2021


A good day. The step count stands at 2310 – a bit better. Our friend G. came round and got the Harry and Meghan show for us. My iPad and portable computer had both assured me that it wasn’t available in my area (I think G. got around that difficulty by putting in someone else’s postcode). Helen’s iPad told her that she needed an Android device. I don’t know what G. did about that, but she is not one to be baulked by a mere machine.


The mosaicists have actually been making a mosaic today, and seem to be happy with their progress:

Some of my husband's art books are making themselves useful to hold it flat overnight. The other mosaicist has been working on a similar corner elsewhere in the room.


And I got plenty of ribbing done. I’ve divided the current patch into three, mentally, with the determination to be finished with it tomorrow. In fact, I’m somewhat ahead of schedule and am looking forward to embarking on some more short rows. I’m beginning to think ahead to wee Hamish’s Calcutta Cup vest. What chest size? It’s no use measuring today’s boy. It’s got to be wearable on Calcutta Cup day 2022. 24”?


Now that I’ve finally seen it, I don’t know what to say about Harry and Meghan. I fear it will turn the US away from GB a bit – I wish Hillary had withheld her public comment. Some bits puzzled me – Meghan said something that indicated that she knew precisely why her son Harry wasn’t a prince, but having admitted that, she kept harping on the subject, and hinting that she thought his exclusion was racially motivated. (The monarch’s great-grandchildren aren’t royal unless they are in the direct line of succession. The Queen made a special exception for Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, Prince William’s children. When Charles is king, Archie will be a prince.)


Here is the week nearly over again. I must find Dante and read another canto before the last minute. I’ve done my four dry days successfully and greatly look forward to tomorrow’s cider.


  1. I imagine that the royals who have done lots of work with multi-racial communities in Britain and elsewhere must be feeling rather raw over this, given the flimsiness of the evidence produced.
    On the subject of Hamish, that is a robust little boy, so it would be wise to err on the upper end of the size range. He can wear it if it is too big but not the other way round.

  2. Thanks for the photo of the mosaic work in progress. It is interesting to see how it is done, and it must be so nice for you to have them there!
    I watched the Oprah interview and was also shocked at Megan's allegations. I did not think she was acting, but she is an actress! I found that Oprah handled the interview well. I am a confirmed Anglophile so anything to do with the monarchy is fascinating to me. I have gotten up in the middle of the night to watch the weddings and so forth. It is sad that there is this rupture, but I get it that being in that family with all the rules must be stifling. I hope that Megan and Harry can find some happiness in California and that the rift will be healed in the future.