Sunday, March 14, 2021

 Sorry about yesterday.

It has been a disappointing weekend for rugby: England beat France in a thriller, yesterday; and Ireland beat us, just now. That leaves Wales for Italy, and I presume they won. Everybody beats Italy.


Wee Hamish can walk (at 10 months)! There’s good news. I saw him do it, in a video on his grandmother’s telephone, as we were circumnavigating the garden this morning. We got around twice – the secret is just to keep on going. The step count is 2699. I think they give you a few extra for going around twice.


And knitting has moved forward, too. I’m nearly finished with the second shoulder on the back of the Polliwog. Next I overlap back and front, and pick up sleeve stitches through both fabrics. I remember that bit.


The Meghan and Harry show rumbles on. There is a lot of agreement with my belief that in interracial partnerships, both families are keen to know what colour the baby will come out. A columnist in the Times yesterday, himself black, quoted the grandmother who said, “I need to know what colour of yarn to buy!” And I continue to like Manaba’s line, when his son Hamish was born: “An African father and a Scottish mother – why did we get a Chinese baby?”




  1. It's not just interracial - the speculation. Daughter's husband was ginger, and there is a bit in my side of the family, so of course we were speculating.

  2. Teacosy Update; The trial Osaka teacosy is steeked, washed (it changed colour, that old yarn I inherited was grubby!) and drying on my biggest teapot. I have cast on the Real Shetland Osaka and am wrangling the ribbing. Oh, and, Mary Lou, I can spit weld! Jean, your blog is an inspiration; I might even go for a walk!

    1. YAY! As long as the yarn in question is wool and not superwash, you can not spit away! I will certainly have a challenge teaching spit splicing when I can get back to teaching. I wonder if using hand sanitizer will work...

  3. =Tamar10:51 AM

    There's really no way to tell until the baby is born. There have been some astonishing surprises that way.
    If the weather holds, I expect to set foot outside today...

  4. I was dark haired as was my husband. It was such a surprise that we produced two very blonde babies. They’ve both grown darker haired as they matured, but they’re still lighter than we were.

  5. My take on the baby question was not that they were wondering what the baby's skin color would be, but concerned it would be too dark.

  6. That certainly seems to be how the duchess interpreted what was reported to her, Mary Lou. However, the child seems to have inherited his father's colouring, ginger hair and all. As a ginger myself, that has somehow become a soft target of jokes and teasing, in a way that it wasn't when I was brought up in the north of England.