Friday, March 05, 2021


Chill and grey again, but with that feeling that spring is 24 hours closer. 48, in my case. I am much restored, and Helen and I got once around the garden. 1781 steps, which doesn’t seem a nearly appropriate reward for our efforts.


And otherwise, a day of this and that. No knitting (bad). I finished “Fontamara” ( good). I haven’t written anything about it (bad). I read the first act of “Sei Personaggi in Cerca d’Autore” (good).


The mosaicists got on well, I think. If I understand it properly, their first job was to translate the design onto a full-scale template (of precisely the right size) onto which the tesserae will be affixed. In this case, the template is a series of strips, since we are talking about a floor of some size. Well, that has been done. They’ll now take the weekend off, exhausted.




My omelette last night was a great success. I often do them with chopped spring onions – last night I added kimchi, and was myself surprised with what a success it was. This week’s kimchi, the new batch, is overflowing nicely.


I hope this is right: the Duke of Edinburgh has moved back into the Edward VII hospital where he started out – it is a fancy-schmancy place often patronised by royals. In the interval he has done what so many of us do when push comes to shove: abandoned the private-medicine path in favour of the NHS. Barts, where he went for his cardiac “procedure”, whatever it was, has some private rooms, and he was presumably in one of them, but his actual medical care will have been free as for anyone else. His return to the Edward VII perhaps means that the won’t embarrass Oprah by dying this weekend.


There is nothing available anywhere in this country, for anyone, comparable to that suite which President Trump occupied when he had COVID. Where he was photographed (I gather) signing blank sheets of paper.


  1. =Tamar1:02 AM

    Mmm, that omelette sounds good. (is there such a thing as an omel? It should be big.)

    Refreshing rest is good.

  2. I will have to find some kimchi and try it. I have eaten in a Korean restaurant, but that is all. Spring is coming here, as well, but I am reluctant to hope for too much too soon!

  3. As I understand it, nobody but the President of the United States has access to the Walter Reed Presidential Suite. It would be nice to know that my medical care was on a level with that received by Congress, never mind the President and Vice President.
    But never mind all that, I want to hear about "omels."

  4. My friend’s Fitbit watch used to say he climbed thousands of stairs a day when he mostly sat at a desk. He was a leg jiggler. Perhaps your steps aren’t moving your phone enough to count as a step. Are you holding it in your hand and swinging your arms or is it in your sweater pocket? I’ve been a reader of your blog since my daughter was a baby. You were a reliable read in the middle of the night when I was nursing. She’s now 16. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your many years of effort. I’ve learned so much.

    1. Good point. I’ve had my Fitbit credit me with steps when I’ve been engaged in some particularly vigorous pot-scrubbing.