Tuesday, March 09, 2021


By local standards (admittedly, not high) it has been a day frot with event.


I recorded the Harry&Meghan show before I went to bed last night. This morning, when I finished my porridge, there was still an hour before mosaicists and people like that were due to arrive. So I thought I’d watch a bit of the programme, and knit a bit. But the television wouldn’t go on. That is, wouldn’t respond to the zapper. If there is an on-off button on the machine itself, I couldn’t find it.


So that was that. Then Rachel rang up. Her news was that her husband Ed has been the victim of a card fraud – he’ll probably get his money back, but at the moment his account is effectively frozen and he has no card. Also their son Joe and his wife Becca, who are expecting their first child in early May, are having a new kitchen and meanwhile living in a bomb site. Their contractor, of whom they are fond, recently collapsed in the street while walking his dog. Fortunately a GP was passing, and his wife was there to take the dog home. It was a heart attack. He is out of hospital already, and I think work is cautiously proceeding. No one knows what to do next, or what is scheduled to happen when, except for him.


Then Helen came and we walked around the garden. 2389 steps so far today.


In the middle of the afternoon, I tried the zapper again, just in case. The television works fine – but the recording isn’t there. It is hard not to suspect a Sinister Force.

It should be mentioned that the mosaicists went home much happier today.


Meanwhile I have finished the front of the Polliwog. The bind-off is an interesting sewn one, lovely and springy. It took a bit of re-learning. It’s very clever, a distant cousin of Kitchener stitch – but four separate actions, each on a different stitch, two of which are eliminated:


The back will eventually overlap it, forming an envelope into which an infant head is easily inserted. .The markers show the point the back will reach. I have retrieved the stitches and started ribbing -- another slow job.My peculiar colours are working together better than I might have hoped.




We had Mr Markle on the radio this morning, He suggested that the now infamous question about what colour Archie Harrison would turn out to be, might have been asked out of stupidity. That hadn’t occurred to me, but seems entirely possible.


  1. Hanson’s razor states “ never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity". I suspect that it does indeed come into play with most racist remarks.
    Your polliwog is looking beautiful. I love the color combination. I have used the sewn bindoff before. It is tedious, for me at least, but does make a nice springy edge.

  2. Sometimes it seems as though technology is out to get you, as if somebody is playing silly games in a distant establishment. How annoying that it should lose a thing you were looking forward to watching.
    In regard to wee Archie's skin colour I can't help wondering if it was simple curiosity - I remember a moment when Reginald D Hunter (comedian, black, American) said he loved this country because although food was bad, we were also very bad at being properly racist.

  3. The Polliwog Is coming along nicely. Like your colors. Stay safe!

  4. the interview apparently did not go down well here. (I could not be bothered to watch.)
    I sympathise with the measurement issues and the chaos. "They" are supposed to start putting in a footpath on this street. We have been asking since 1984.

  5. The polliwog colors look wonderfully bright and cheerful for a baby. I saw a picture of two of your mosaicists having lunch on the stoop via instagram. (Not a stoop in Edinburgh, I'm sure.)

  6. Although I did not watch the interview, it will be like those other landmark interviews of the past where it is inescapable. It struck me as incomprehensible that no kind of induction programme had been provided, given the arcane nature of some of the protocol within the Royal family. Can it really have come as a surprise that curtseying to the Queen was not just for show at outside events? As for the question of titles, it is hard to see how anyone could understand those rules, but there have been rules in place for many years and these were followed. I'm sure that you will be able to find the whole thing on catch-up if you can bear to.

  7. It's always good to remember that we are only hearing one side of the story and incidents can be presented with many spins on them, according to the dictates of the person telling and the desired response to them.

  8. There's no reason not to believe the remark was both stupid and malicious. Can't racism be both? I didn't watch the interview when it was aired but hunted it down online. Your remote control might need a new battery?

  9. I haven't watched the interview. It must be very difficult marrying into such an established 'clan' like the Royal Family from an entirely different culture. Even so, I wish, I wish, they hadn't decided to do the interview. It will make it extremely difficult to mend any broken relationships.

    Your polliwog is so cheering!