Sunday, March 07, 2021


All well, but – as usual these days – little to report. I ribbed a few more rows of the Polliwog while watching Andrew Marr. He wasn’t very interesting. What we all want to know about is Meghan and Harry, and we have to wait a few more hours for that. What would Wallis have made of all this?


C. came, and instead of the garden we went to the corner shop in search of cat litter. I have been caught short. But they don’t stock it any more. So she went down to Tesco’s and bought some and all is well. I’m expecting a grocery delivery on Tuesday which will include gallons of it.


Goodness, was that the only adventure? I fear so. I dozed this afternoon while wondering what will become of me when I can’t manage alone. Life has a way of answering that question on its own – a stroke; a broken hip.


No reading. I hope to be more alert and productive tomorrow. And on Tuesday, we'll have M&H to talk about!


  1. Jenny8:36 PM

    Not in the least interested in those two. Definitely will not watch.

  2. I wonder, do you have Netflix, and have you watched "The Crown"? It has taken me a while to get to it but I'm watching an episode a day and working my way through Series Three. Very thought-provoking.

  3. =Tamar3:17 AM

    Going to the corner shop at least makes a change. I ventured into the local Salvation Army shop and found they have begun selling books again. It's the first book I've bought since March 2020.

  4. Re the broken hip etc - these days it's straight to theatre, hip replaced. Might be worth checking out the on-line offers from care homes in your area. When my husband's stepmother was looking for her next move, we were amazed by the presence of gyms and swimming pools at some of the retirement complexes. Where she actually spent her last years was nothing like that but it did provide endless cups of tea, three meals a day and someone on constant call for washing and toileting assistance, which was more to the point.