Wednesday, March 03, 2021


Another grey and chill day. Archie and I got once around the garden, but I have achieved only 1835 steps, despite shuffling around the kitchen to make a relatively complicated lunch. Sometimes I think the telefonino just makes it up.


I watched Mrs Sturgeon giving evidence to that committee for as long as I could bear it – she has a harsh voice. She’s well on top of her facts. I got some knitting done as I watched. The Polliwog is divided for front and back, and I have made a start on the ribbed back. I’m mildly worried about size, but fortunately babies aren’t much worried about fit. It won’t be too small.


A bit of reading. I’m nearer the end of “Fontamara” than I was yesterday. So, not a bad day, all in all.


I think the mosaicists have had a reasonably successful time, too. They have been re-casting the design to make up for the discrepancy in measurements which they discovered yesterday. As you say, Mary Lou, it can’t be fudged.




  1. As long as the polliwog is too should be well! the last baby-surprise I made for a fairly new baby fitted her until she was about two.

  2. Oddly, I was thinking about how some things cannot be fudged yesterday. Woodwork is another "can't be fudged" thing. In his beloved "shed" the Senior Cat lived by the rule "measure twice and cut once". I suspect it is just a little easier for those of us who knit!