Tuesday, March 02, 2021


Grey and chill, today. Archie and I tottered once around the garden. The step total is an unimpressive 2161, and I haven’t done much knitting, either. I must pull myself together – May will not remain so distant.


The mosaic moves forward, I think. There was a crisis this morning, when they discovered that the designer – for this is, alas, not an original Helen Miles design – and the building contractor had specified different measurements. It has been straightened out.


I haven’t done much reading, either. The end of “Fontamara” remains tantalisingly close – like the divide-for-back-and-front point of the Polliwog – while I remain mired in inactivity.




Amy, thank you for your comment on Sunday’s blog. How things have changed! My situation was once more or less yours – American me, Scottish husband. We met in Glasgow, where he was employed, but married in New Jersey. After the honeymoon we just went back to Glasgow, no fuss, certainly no visa. Alexander has an American wife, too, and they had a somewhat harder time but even they are now ominously middle-aged and there has been time for times to change again.


Where in Texas? It’s a big state! My mother’s parents lived in Dallas. Her brother and his family stayed there. I have plenty of Texan cousins, including once and twice removed. I’m sure I’ve said before – it’s my one claim to fame – that my Aunt Louise, my mother’s brother’s wife, was at the luncheon Kennedy never got to. Uncle Nat had to work, so he wasn’t there, but they were both planning to go to the rally in Fort Worth that evening. I hope she saved the menu.


Shandy, I too love the way I can sit at my breakfast table and read a book review and whistle the text down from the ether in seconds, to the Kindle app on my iPad.


  1. Oh yes, I am a kindle addict in spite of everything! I made one of those Magic Cakes from an internet recipe and was so impressed I had a kindle cookbook downloaded before we had finished eating it all (in one day.piggy piggy). I love being able to download samples before buying.

  2. Conflicting measurements in something like a mosaic would be worrisome. Unlike knitting or fabric, you can’t really fudge the edges. I agree with you and Shandy on the pleasures of the internet. I can even put books on hold at my library, and when they are available the go right to my kindle!