Monday, March 15, 2021

The Ides of March


A pearl of an April day – without its even being April yet! 2169 steps – Helen and I got once around the garden this morning. The wild garlic which grows abundantly there is nearly ready for harvest. I am unsure what to do with it. Helen says just to warm it up in a bit of butter and toss through pasta. In the past, I’ve made pesto, substituting wild garlic for basil. She thinks there are too many strong flavours there which will drown the garlic.


I’ve finished knitting the back of the Polliwog, but the sewn bind-off is still to do. There’s not much to do after that. Two little sleeves. I had better get the next project lined up.


Two things to worry about:


1)    The safety of the AstraZeneca vaccine, as one European country after another discontinues its use. What does the USofA think? But you’re not using it anyway.

2)    I’ve just had a text message on my telefonino to say that a new payee has been added to my account. This is perfectly correct. But I thought banks didn’t send such messages, so the next time I get one I’ll have something to really worry about. I sort of feel I’ve ignored them in the past. And for years – until all this walking started – I didn’t really use the mobile anyway. I might not have seen the message for weeks.


  1. On the topic of mosaics I've just read this blog post about some mosaics in London;
    I'm hoping to visit them sometime, maybe even later this year?

  2. I seem to gather the worry about that version of the jab is to do with blood clots - and aren't you on the same anticoagulant as me -Apixaban - so maybe one less thing to be concerned about.

  3. Also it looks as though the frequency of blood clots is low enough that it could just be coincidence.

  4. Since the frequency of blood clot formation is no more than to be expected in the general population without vaccination, there can be no causal link. My bank sends me a text each time I set up a new payee, so that payees can't get added to the account without my knowledge.

  5. =Tamar1:53 PM

    I find that garlic will add something to the flavor no matter what else is included, even if it is not directly perceived.