Friday, December 10, 2021


Colder today. I didn’t feel up to exercise when Daniela came, but later on we walked to the corner and back. Better than nothing.


I’ve listened to “Americast”. I think they were getting a bit silly and Christmas-y but it was nevertheless interesting. The most interesting part was about guns in America, and that remarkable Christmas card. And I got some knitting done. I think it’s time for another measurement, wherein I will discover that I’ve achieved another quarter of an inch. Tomorrow.




Thank you for them, as always. Mary Lou, I’m not at all sure that I know what a helical stripe is, but I trust you will go public with the pattern, and I look forward to seeing it.


Kirsten, I made that mistake once, on a border-inwards Gladys Amedro shawl. You start with the entire edging, then join it into a circle, pick up stitches for the four borders, and knit inwards. When the fatal mistake happened, it wasn’t by any means on the first shawl I had knit that way, and I was always (I thought) fanatically careful not to twist the edging. When I discovered the mistake past any doubt, I took scissors to the offending corner. You could scarcely do that with a jumper. Sympathy.


Crochet66, Yes, I think I might bring home a doggy bag and add it to my Boxing Day ramen. I like the idea of your Christmas Dinner Soup. I’m sure it’s delicious.


Thank you for your remarks about Daniela’s root canal. Helen has got one of her own in the next few days, and will press the dentist about cost. Even if it is theoretically possible on the NHS, we are reluctant to toss Daniela back to the dentist who has achieved so little and made her so unhappy in the last few months.

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  1. I must look at the Nigella ramen recipe. I am a closet eater of the cheap student food instant ramen, but I do love the real thing in a Japanese restaurant. Helix knitting is a way to make jogless single-row stripes and avoid carrying the alternating yarns up the inside of the knitting. Jen Arnall- Culliford has a nice YouTube of it. (That are lots out there.)