Friday, December 03, 2021


Crochet66 and Between Me and You (comments yesterday): You were right, although that website didn’t sound at all like the problems I was suffering from. The television was fine this morning: pictures, sound. I switched it off and listened to my favourite podcast, the BBC’s “Americast”. There was a new one up.


And did a bit of knitting. 10” have been accomplished, of the 12” I want for the body. I really must get on faster than this.



  1. =Tamar8:39 PM

    It's such a relief when a problem solves itself. And ten inches done! I am impressed.

  2. Although I enjoy having the mindless knitting of stockinette, it does seem to make progress very slowly, whereas a pattern of some sort feels faster. I know that isn’t true, but perhaps its the way my mind engages with it. I’ll have to look for America’s.