Wednesday, December 08, 2021

 Not a bad day. Daniela had a good night’s sleep, and feels much better. I remain concerned about what happens next – what our expensive dentist did yesterday was only meant to be temporary. The next step -- a permanent crown -- is too expensive for philanthropy.


Alexander came over, in good form. I talked to him about ramen. He is enthusiastic, as in Helen, from completely different starting-points, confirming my suspicion that I could go on tweaking it forever. James is meant to be coming next week, Covid and weather permitting. I’ll make some for him.


Yesterday we had the edge of the second winter storm, but the weather today was positively benevolent. Daniela and I went walking, and got to the garden. I think it may be a week since I’ve been out. Tomorrow I will be pinned to the spot by an expected delivery (some frozen meals to feed James with, when he’s not having ramen). We shall see. It may work out, or the weather may have turned.


And I got some knitting done, I’m sure without affecting the measurement in the slightest. I watched Prime Minister’s Questions on my newly-restored television, without learning much (we're having a crisis), but it provided a good background for knitting.


Joni, thank you (comment yesterday). I’ve been to Facebook and caught up with Franklin a bit. It used to be – up until last week – that I would be notified of each of his posts in my email account, almost always between 8 and 9 in the morning. When that stopped, I assumed he had stopped, but I was wrong. I continue to be notified of boring contributions from other people I follow. Logging on to Facebook and tracking him down is too much like work, except for occasionally. I will have to let him drift away.




  1. You are right about the expense of advanced dentistry. I recently had root canal work on one tooth and it left a serious dent in eight hundred pounds. I would happily have paid double that not to have to endure the very claustrophobic "Dam" used in the procedure.

  2. For sure that "dam" is not fun.
    But if someone started a gofundme page or something for Daniela I would happily chip in.

  3. If you like and comment on Franklin's posts, you will be more likely to see his new posts when you log on to Facebook. I'm not sure why sometimes you get notifications and sometimes you don't. I have that same issue with other people and can't figure it out.

  4. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Is it possible to make a bookmark for Franklin's facebook page, so you can quickly check it?
    I don't use facebook so not sure.
    Lisa RR

  5. are you a patron of his on Patreon? He has various levels and is doing the majority of his posting there. And they are not on Facebook and Instagram.

    It’s very reasonable. And he has weekly chat sessions. He chats you type a question. It’s rather delightful. He is doing well.