Monday, December 06, 2021


It turns out that the blasted rowan tree is the one down the commonty – the one by the house which protects us from witches, is fine.




I have become greatly enamoured of ramen. I made some for my lunch the other day, using the recipe from “Nigella Express”. She has also done a YouTube video of the same recipe. It’s not quite as express as she would have it, but not bad, and very soothing. It contains everything the human frame requires – protein, carbohydrate, abundant veggies, all almost infinitely variable. Read the Wikipedia entry and then Google a bit, if you’re at all interested. I shall go on at least for a bit, tweaking the original recipe in one way or another.

I used a dried wild mushroom mix, instead of the dried shitake specified. I was surprised to find "honey fungus" among the ingredients. James has got some of that, killing a favourite tree. Should he have it for lunch?




Not much, but at least I’m knitting. The body of the Machu Picchu sweater is now 10 ¼” long. I don’t dare look back to see what it measured last time. Slowly as it’s progressing, the ball of yarn seems to be diminishing nicely.


I signed up for Kate Davies’ new club, not without difficulty.


Thank you (comments yesterday), Eileen and Gemma. What I don’t need is another project (or more yarn), with a new great-grandchild looming and the Calcutta Cup to be remembered. But it’s a very tempting thought. It might be just the thing to get me going again. And I do love twisted stitch.


  1. Good to know you are safe from witches!

  2. =Tamar12:44 AM

    Events proceed normally. Nice to know.
    it's a bit windy here.

  3. Not much is more soothing than hot noodle soup on a cold day.