Friday, January 07, 2022


Again, not too bad a day. I felt very stiff and slow – my left hip has not been all it might be for several years now, and it has been having a particularly bad day today. But C. and I hobbled successfully all the way around the garden. The snowdrops and aconites are blooming.


And I have moved the knitting forward. I measured it properly this evening, on the kitchen table: I have only a centimetre to go before the chosen spot for the underarm steeks. That’s three rounds, four at the worst; I ought to be able to get there tomorrow.


And I may have discovered, at least in part, why I have such a poor record of late, knitting in the evening. Namely, that I need a new high-wattage bulb in the standard lamp. I’ve known that for some time, but today I actually knit a round after dark, and grasped that something must be done.


A nice man rang up and tried to book me in for a colonoscopy. Again I declined.


Drink: I’ve got a Dry January app on my iPad. Every evening I get to paste an electronic sticker on an electronic calendar indicating a dry day. (After this coming weekend, they’ll begin to stack up.) I take a childish pleasure in this ritual. Today I looked back to the beginning of last year, and was surprised to see that I managed four-days-off, three-days-on without a lapse all through February. It was only in March that things began to fall apart; by April all was lost. So maybe it would be worth trying that again.




  1. Full marks for the reward sticker plan. We began using little sticker on our wall calendar to track our gym usage a couple of years ago. Now we use it if we have had a proper walk that day. Surprising how these small things are motivating.

  2. Happy New Year to you Jean. You can get 'daylight' bulbs for night time work or what about one of those Anglepoise lamps?

  3. Anonymous2:30 AM

    Snowdrops and aconites! wow, nothing much colourful here in Toronto. Just grey with occasional snow.
    I probably say this every year at this time.

    Glad you are getting some knitting done!
    Lisa RR