Thursday, January 06, 2022


It has been a fairly successful day, but goodness! I’m tired of the dark. It was a tad warmer than yesterday, although grey and raw. Daniela and I got once around the garden.


I then addressed the questions clustering around the Calcutta Cup shawl. It wasn’t too difficult. C. has measured the actual boy, and also a sweater that fits him well. The length she recommends – allowing for future growth, but stopping well above his knees at present – is the length of the third size of Mary Lou’s Rylan vest, so I might as well run with the sleeve-hole placement on that. It gives me a couple more inches to knit before I insert the armhole steeks. I did a bit.


I once did a class with a famous knitter whose name I can’t remember, on Designing for Children. The one piece of information I have retained chimes with the advice several of you have given me: namely that children lengthen much more than they widen as the years pass.


I looked at Arne and Carlos, and tried to incorporate the Norwegian way of holding the left-hand yarn, at least. So simple… But I found that it took too much concentration, and I still need all of that I can muster for the Fair Isle pattern.


Current Affairs: I am sure Ghislaine Maxell and Prince Andrew and the whole lot of them are unpleasant people, but I am not sure that she deserves life imprisonment. The “victims” in the case largely seem to be healthy women, some, at least, with husbands and children, who have made themselves a heap of money out of this sad business already. Whereas Mrs Sakoolas, whose victim is dead, is walking around free as a bird.


  1. I totally agree with you on Ms Maxwell. It seems that she is the fall guy for Epstein and many others who are guilty.

  2. =Tamar1:02 PM

    Huzzah! for knitting information and walking! It has snowed here for a second time this week. I continue to hibernate.

  3. I would like to see the men for whom she procured be punished. And getting even once around the garden deserves applause.