Sunday, January 23, 2022


I’ve been very low today. Low blood pressure? Why?  I felt faint, and even feared that my eyesight was darkening. It started in the night – one of the times I got up to pee, I found I was steadying myself on the wall, as well as using a stick. However, I didn’t faint, or even fall, and this evening I think I feel a bit better. There’s no Freecell, though. So much for teetotalism.


C. came. We didn’t attempt a walk. She brought me a loaf of plastic white bread, which is to form the basis of my colonography preparation on Tuesday and Wednesday. I ate some – it is truly delicious.


Tamar, I had your very thought about the neck of wee Hamish’s vest during the night (before I saw your comment) and today, put it into action. The hole is not quite big enough for me. I have a rather large head. I think I could have tugged it on, but then maybe I couldn’t have got it off again. I’ve unpicked half a dozen stitches on one of the shoulder seams – the one that terminates at the neck edge. The choice now is to leave it unbalanced, or to add a little button. I didn’t get much done, but I did make a start on tidying and securing the neck steek stitches.


And I discovered that Jamieson & Smith no longer sells the leg warmers as a kit – but they do still offer the pattern. I think I’d better just buy it.


I heard on the radio in the night that somewhere famous in South America – Rio De Janeiro itself, perhaps – has decided to postpone the Carnival until the end of April this year. It should, of course, build up to a dramatic climax on Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. They occur, this year, during the first week of February. I was reminded of how I first learned that Covid 19 was seriously serious: it was when Venice –Venice – cancelled the Carnival in 2020.


  1. =Tamar8:25 PM

    Well, it is traditional to have buttons on the shoulder of infant clothing, and also on some kinds of adult ganseys.

    I know that some things change when we sleep. Possibly blood pressure is one of them. It shouldn't have continued all day, though. Did you have your normal complement of tea? If the bread made you feel better, and it's allowed on the regime, maybe you should eat more of it.

  2. Carnival AFTER Easter? Odd. Tamar’s trick for the neckline is a good one. I have a giant head, so If I can get it down to my eyebrows I consider it good.

  3. I love those shoulder buttons on striped French ganseys; so chic. Blood pressure might well be a culprit and drinking more (tea!) a solution. Sometimes I have had to give myself a moment after getting up, especially if I have been deeply asleep, before moving off. I hope you feel better today.

  4. Yes, Carnaval in Rio has been postponed. Astonishing that, but maybe the mayor Rio is less of a nutter than Bolsonaro.

  5. Low blood pressure or slow heartbeat can certainly make you feel faint. A friend's husband - aged 75 - recently fainted in the bathroom in exactly the circumstances you describe. I should mention it to your GP, as it is sometimes a matter of not having enough salt in your diet.

  6. You may be able to buy the pattern as a Ravelry download and avoid postage costs.