Thursday, January 20, 2022


Freecell has been miraculously restored to me. Every time I turn this old laptop on and sit down to it, I begin by asking for the Microsoft Solitaire Collection. For the last few evenings, the blue screen has come up with those words on it, and with the hourglass symbol next to the cursor as if it were trying. Then no more. But tonight, just as I was about to give up, there it was. Did I not wait long enough, on the other evenings? I don’t think it was that. Anyway, I’m glad to see it.


I found the menu plan for the “real” colonoscopy. The first day is not too bad – much like both days of my present regime, and with butter allowed on one’s white bread. But on the second day, no food at all, just liquids. That was where I feared I’d be too weak, and risk falling. I suspect the laxative was more savage, too. My husband had a colonoscopy once, and he had diabetes. I can’t imagine how we got through it.


I’ve done some knitting. Helen and Fergus (her youngest son) are going to drop in this evening, on their way back from the airport. Fergus is home from Bristol University for the weekend, and Helen is bringing me yet another soup, made in her new machine.  So I’ll have to sit up until they get here, and will try to knit some more. It’s getting a bit easier, as I keep steadily at it, but I’m still progressing very slowly.


I continued the search for those missing patterns, with no success. I’ve eliminated a lot of waste paper from the sitting room, and my step count – still pretty feeble – is higher than usual today, because of tottering about to put things away. Daniela and I got around the garden. I should take a picture for you of the Drummond Place snowdrops. They’re beautiful, and lift the spirits. It was cold today, but the sun was shining.



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  1. Oh, snowdrops. We have dropping snow. Do you have the patterns saved on your computer or Ravelry? That is my only salvation with patterns, these days.