Monday, January 17, 2022

 I am being persecuted by computers – starting with the disappearance of Freecell.

We discovered yesterday that Google Mail is sending all messages from Alexander to Spam. I thought he was mad at me. He knows a lot about computers, and works from home on one. He doesn’t know why this is happening. And we can’t even blame it on Microsoft.

 And now I’ve had trouble loading Word. (My practice is to compose there and save to Dropbox and then copy it over to Blogger.) I have succeeded in the end, although only in “safe mode”. And it turns out that "safe mode" doesn't know about Dropbox and where I usually save things. 

 We had sunshine again today, and Helen came to walk with me, but I felt too feeble to get around the garden. (So much for temperance.) We got there, and I sat for a while on a damp bench. Better than nothing.

 And I got some knitting done, too.

 I hope those of you on the Eastern Seaboard aren’t suffering too much. My cheetahs clearly don’t like it, evidenced by the fact they they are indoors. Indeed the whole zoo (DC) is closed because of “inclement weather”.


  1. I use Thunderbird for my email and now and then it will decide that someone I email regularly is spam. It happened recently to my mom's emails and I was panicking that something had happened to her. Some days technology is just a bit too much.

  2. I don’t really believe in astrology, but right now Mercury is retrograde, which is supposed to be responsible for communications and technology related mishaps. We can blame it on the stars, not ourselves!

  3. =Tamar7:51 AM

    Here in central-south Maryland (near DC) it's not too awful. The snow and ice melted away almost completely, even though it got colder again as soon as it got dark.

    Technology is just like that, it goes weird every so often. Sometimes we just have to be both meticulous and creative while we wait for the script kiddies to fix whatever they did to the systems.