Saturday, January 08, 2022


Another fairly limp day, but again I got around the garden, this time with David and Helen. He has got to go back to Thessaloniki tomorrow, and was in a state of anxiety about whether he would get his Covid test result in time for the flight. Having suffered through the same anxiety with my sister recently, my guess was that it would turn up. He hopes to be back in February but is fed up with the fuss and the considerable expense involved in all the required testing.


Several shrubs are blooming in the garden, as well as the snowdrops and aconites I mentioned yesterday, but I don’t know their names. It behoves me to find out.


David and Helen have bought a soup-making machine with which (after 48 hours) they are delighted. They brought me some soup, which I will have soon for my supper.


I didn’t get as much knitting done as hoped. The overhead light in the sitting room has now died too so I have had to move entirely into the kitchen. The light is good there, and it’s warm. I hope to do at least one further round this evening.


  1. A warm room with a good light sounds like the place to be...if it also has a good chair? I hope so.

  2. Is the soup-making machine an Instant Pot? Younger family members with children are loving theirs and touting the b

  3. touting the benefits, I meant to say. I’m not quite ready to give up the required counter space in our small kitchen

  4. Tell us more about the soup making machine!

  5. I think if it was an Instant Pot it wouldn't take 48 hours to make soup. The key to loving the Instant Pot is in the name. I did not get one. I have a stove and a crock pot. I am getting rid of the crock pot.
    Yes, a warm room with good light and a comfy chair are the basics for knitting and reading.