Tuesday, January 04, 2022


If the point of all this abstinence is rejuvenation, I can only say that it’s not working yet. Helen came over this morning to help with the Income Tax. She is heroically taking that dreadful burden on her own shoulders. We have hired an accountant, but at this stage that hardly helps. She (the accountant) just demands papers and numbers like HMRC. We didn’t do much, but by the time we gave up, I was prostrate. Helen is a hard taskmaster, so out we went, but I could do no more than get across to the garden and sit for a while. It’s turned cold, which in itself has rather a debilitating effect.


And that was about it, for today. No knitting.


  1. Jean, I just now read yesterday’s post. I think this is the Arno and Carlos episode you are looking for. Your baby vest is looking beautiful.

  2. =Tamar7:16 PM

    Getting started on the taxes is a major effort. Congratulations!
    My plastic envelope file of "tax-related stuff" awaits the documents that only come in after New Year's.
    The six inches of snow that fell also awaits, alas.

  3. Having done my stint when OH was on self assessment for tax, there is a lot to be said for not having enough money to need to tangle with it any more. Who knew there were such advantages to being moderately poor?!

  4. I am a tax accountant. The first year my firm does a tax return for a new client involves getting a lot of information. It will get easier.

  5. My Christmas present to myself was finishing my self assessment tax which stalled out back in May. Unscheduled visit to vet with one of the aged cats put paid to a walk; she fell down the back of the settee, but luckily she was just very shaken, no injuries. Alarming for everyone (except the other cat!)