Monday, January 24, 2022


Freecell came up, good as gold, on the first click this evening – and I feel much better, too. I didn’t go out, feeling perhaps still a bit weak but also that in these days of the colonography, I can do what I want. The regimen begins tomorrow. That’s interesting, what you say about lack of salt, Shandy. I will certainly save the episode up for telling to a doctor. I don’t suppose I’ll even see a doctor when I go to the hospital on Thursday.


I started on the corrugated rib for the neck of wee Hamish’s Calcutta Cup vest, but made enough silly mistakes that I think it’s worth pulling it all out and starting again. It won’t take long, once I really get going. I discovered in my previous adventures with corrugated rib, that my best bet is to carry the purl yarn in my right hand and the other in the left. Mechanically, that works fine, but my right hand keeps feeling that it’s entitled to do the knit stitch and muddle ensues.


I had another salad from my salad machine yesterday. And discovered belatedly that I have been given a Christmas present of the most glorious imaginable bottle of Greek olive oil – hand-picked from a single grove. It’s marked to be consumed by November, a good thing as otherwise they would find it a special position in the larder, perhaps diminished by four or five tablespoons, when I die.


  1. People need a certain amount of salt every day, and doctors seem to assume that we all eat processed foods and thus have too much salt in our diets. My husband was feeling faint, his cardiac doctor recommended less salt, and I asked if the doctor actually knew how much salt he was consuming a day. I insisted that Ron tell him; the doctor said, "You can salt your food." Be prepared to tell the doctor exactly what you eat in a day -- it makes a difference!

    Good luck with the rib and the colonography!


  2. Oh, the olive oil sounds heavenly! Fresh bread, dipped in olive oil must be good for one, right?

  3. Bread cubes, tossed in a little extremely superior olive oil, crushed garlic and salt, toasted in the oven and then thrown into a fresh mixed salad is my idea of heaven, or rather one of my many ideas of heaven