Saturday, January 15, 2022


I thought maybe Freecell would come back by magic, but it hasn’t. I’ve Googled the problem, which has happened to other people before, but I have failed to perform the actions required. I’ve found a new copy, free, in the Microsoft Store, but they say they don’t have a record of any suitable appliance of mine to install it on. So I’ve given up. Archie is coming to see me next week. He’s young, and relatively computer-savvy, but I think this lies outside his field of expertise.


Otherwise all is much as before. A dull, grey day, warm for January. I got around the garden with Helen. I moved the knitting forward. If I can keep up this pace, I’ll have no difficulty in finishing before this year’s Cup Day – three weeks from today, I think. I had an awful tussle with it this evening. I think it’ll have to be photographed in soft focus.


Of our three interesting villains (Djokovic, the Prime Minister, Prince Andrew) it begins to look as if it may be the Prime Minister who gets away with it. I feel rather sorry for poor silly Prince Andrew. I’m glad he’s got Fergie, at least – they still live under the same roof and seem to be on cordial terms.


It seems an extraordinary coincidence that Mrs Sakoolas should come back into the news this very week. She killed a motorcyclist a couple of years ago now, by colliding with him while she was driving on the wrong side of the road. She fled home to the U.S. (after assuring the police that she would stay put, I think) and has since then been claiming diplomatic immunity. The British have applied to have her extradited; the Americans have refused. She has been formally accused (of Dangerous Driving, I suppose) and we were told that she was going to make an appearance by Zoom in a London magistrate’s court next week, but she has withdrawn at the last moment. She has offered apologies and compensation, I think, but the dead boy’s parents have refused. They want to see her in court.


Maybe Prince Andrew should adopt the Sakoolas system.


  1. That's a bit frustrating with the Freecell - good luck which cracking the download. I'm a little curious Jean, why do you feel sorry for Andrew?

  2. It would seem Prince Andrew is being targetted because of who he is rather than what he is. People seem to forget that, like all other members of the Firm, he is under constant surveillance by the security services - close enough that getting away with something like that (especially on multiple occasions) is highly unlikely.

  3. If you want freecell for your iPad, you need to look in the Apple App store, which should be an icon on the iPad. It is still available for my iPhone, so I would think Archie should be able to put you to rights.

  4. Curiously, I had just been wondering what your take on the situation would have been supposing it were one of your own adult sons who found himself in Prince Andrew's position. Given that the Queen has boundless resources of her own to draw on, it seems inconceivable that she would not bail him out again.

    1. I think she will when it’s all done but for now she will have been advised to let him stand alone.

  5. =Tamar3:20 PM

    Sounds like Microsloth needs to get its act together.
    You seem to be doing fine, though. Steady progress is the key.