Wednesday, January 19, 2022


I couldn’t walk today because I was waiting in for a delivery. Tomorrow, that will be the story again. All very tedious. The weather was bright today, although cold. You can just begin to see the light coming back, if you look at the edges.


There’s some confusion about what I wrote yesterday. It’s partly – rather, mostly – the fault of medical vocabulary, I think. The procedure I am going to have next Thursday is a CT scan. It’s called a colonoscopy presumably because the colon is what they will be scanning, but it doesn’t involve sticking a camera up my bottom or having a sedative. The preparation doesn’t sound much fun, but is much easier than for a proper colonoscopy. I will get myself a loaf of the whitest sliced bread and, if possible, a jar of jelly marmalade (no peel). Sometimes I will have the bread with Marmite, which I love. And for lunch I will have a pseudo-ramen: stock from a stock-cube perhaps seasoned with soy sauce and fish sauce; some ramen noodles; and a hard boiled egg. I don’t know for sure if the low-sugar bitter lemon I rely on for support in the absence of cider, is OK. I think it should be. Sweeteners are allowed, and there’s no fiber in it. I can’t find the menu they sent for the proper colonoscopy, but I’m sure it was much more severe.


The question remains, what is all this for? If they find anything sinister, the only thing to do, at my age, will be to cut to the morphine.


I got a bit more knitting done. I should have done more. Daniella wasn’t here, as she was taking one of her sons to a dentist. I started sorting through piles of paper in the sitting room, looking for three missing patterns, all of which I’ve had not that long ago: Carol Sunday’s Machu Picchu, the Jamieson & Smith Fair Isle leg warmer pattern, and that Kate Davies yoke sweater I was knitting on our most recent cruise. Surely they’re all together somewhere. I didn’t find any of them. I found a lot of interesting things which are now strewn around the sitting room in various little piles, all waiting to be put in their proper places.


Here is our weekly salad factory picture – four weeks, I think. I have eaten two salads taken from the first two lingots, reading from right to left: lettuce and rocket (arugula). Next is another, different lettuce, and then basil.




  1. Oh, thank goodness it's not an invasive colonoscopy. Good luck with the dieting part; should be much less unpleasant. And I do envy you your fresh lettuce.

  2. Thanks for the clarification on your upcoming scan. I kept thinking, we are missing part of the story.
    I am sure your patterns will turn up either by you or one of your many visitors.

  3. Your salad grower has a purple light- very cool. Ours I’d plain, but quite bright. I sometimes take small pint in there when I can see it clearly!

  4. That was small print, of course!