Sunday, January 09, 2022


Limper than ever, today, but C. and I got around the garden, very slowly indeed. Helen brought me some lightbulbs on her way back from the airport – David got the Covid all-clear, at the very last minute – but she couldn’t make them work. That will have to wait for Daniela tomorrow. It would be worth making sure that that standard lamp is plugged in. We didn’t look.


No, their new soup maker isn’t an Instant Pot. (That’s a pressure cooker, among other things, isn’t it?)Theirs is a Morphy Richards Saute and Soup Maker, chosen at least in part because you can saute a few veggies in it as a preliminary to making soup. It doesn’t take 48 hours to make soup, or anything like. What I meant yesterday was that they were delighted with it, after having owned it for 48 hours. Helen said today that she is about to make some beetroot and apple soup which she will bring me tomorrow. I love kitchen gadgets but don’t feel I need a soup-maker. I’ve got a Nutri-Bullet which purees soup wonderfully. Maybe I could get myself a small rice-cooker.


So, no knitting, despite my being so close to the steeking.


I cautiously cut a few rocket leaves from my salad factory today, planning to add them to a little green side-salad. But once I got started I added more and more things, finishing off with some feta, and had a one-dish lunch in which the rocket leaves were indetectable.




  1. =Tamar8:46 PM

    A creative day, then, with an inspired salad. And a walk, even in this weather!

    My guess is that the lamp isn't plugged in, but - don't UK outlets/power points have fuses in them? Maybe the fuse has given out? Does the lamp plug itself have a fuse in it?

    The predicted freezing rain here seems to be west of me. I hope it misses mu area entirely. Otherwise it's warm, said to be up to the 40s today.

  2. Thank you for the clarification on the soup maker and the 48 hours. The soup sounds wonderful.I hope Daniela has success with the light bulbs tomorrow.

  3. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Apples and beets. I'd like to see That recipe. Can't even imagine the taste. (Although they are both wintry crops.)

  4. Another below zero F day here. Perfect for reading and knitting. And soup. I have started making more dishes with dried beans. Cooking them in the oven at a low heat works beautifully and keeps the kitchen warm.