Friday, July 01, 2022


I feel that my inability to walk is getting in the way of having anything to say to you, but that’s probably not true. I will visit my sister by zoom tomorrow and we will no doubt talk about hips. Archie is coming on Sunday. And my support team will begin to reappear next week – Helen from Greece, C. from Italy, air transport allowing. 


I knit slowly but steadily on. The first round of yoke decreases appears in the colour section after the one I am doing – a great incentive.


If I am going to impoverish myself and risk my life under the surgeon’s knife, I will need some easy knitting, as the body and sleeves of Lilias Day proved splendidly to be in my care home. Helen used to have a colourful Evendoon (Kate Davies again) until it committed suicide in a washing machine. She regretted its passing – maybe she’d like another.


Wordle: an American-ate word again today. My third line was a complete anagram – that is, I had all five letters, but in the wrong order. I don’t remember that that has ever happened to me before. I got it on the next line. Everybody else in my group (and also Rachel in London) scored four as well. We haven’t heard from Mark yet. I noticed that Thomas also had a complete anagram, a completely different word from mine, and I think I know what it was but I can’t congratulate him on it until we hear from Mark.


Tennis continues entertaining. Mostly today I have been watching Djokovic shredding a fellow-Serb. He did it so briskly that the late match should afford me some watching before my bedtime. I didn't get to see any of Coco Gauff's match yesterday evening because it was too late for me, but I'm happy to report that she won.


  1. Not keen on these American words, not one we would often use, but got it in 4 with a bit of luck.
    Wimbledon is quite exciting!

  2. =Tamar9:11 PM

    Easy knitting to begin with, but you may want to plan for some Fairisle that will satisfy the urge for rhythmic pattern. Or maybe a small lace piece with short repeats- a shawlette, or even a hair ornament.

  3. Mary Lou11:23 PM

    I’m never sure which Wordle you are referring to, given time zones, but I was tickled to use Horse to start and have the answer be another equine word. Evendoon looks like a perfect choice, simple stockinette, but lots of colors to keep your interest.

  4. I vote for having your hip replaced. I live with a man who has had a hip replaced and it was a miracle for him and thence for me. Joint replacement has come a very long way in just a few years. All good! Choose your surgeon well and just go for it!

  5. Your line today about impoverishing and life risking and easy knitting was one of the funniest sentences you have written. Thank you!

    1. Anonymous11:29 PM

      -- Gretchen (aka stashdragon)