Saturday, November 12, 2022

 I've been a bit feeble today. (And so is the computer. Word won't load.) The weather was warm and still. Daniella and I at least got across to the garden, where I sat for a while. C. and I are going to try to go to Mass tomorrow -- it's more than two years since I've been. My Disabled Badge can have its first outing. 


What have I achieved? Some knitting. No more information about the pronunciation of “horribilis”. I’ve finished watching The Crown – it stutters to an end – and won’t have to face that again for a couple of years at least. It’s lavishly done and will no doubt be much watched, but it’s not terribly good. Real life is too recalcitrant.


Wordle: It was a struggle again today. Five again for me, and also Alexander and Mark. Four for Thomas and Daughter-Rachel. Today’s winners were Ketki and Theo, with three. The starter word suggested by the Wordle bot (Mary Lou’s comment yesterday) would have yielded four brown tiles – not bad. I got that far by line three – a little bit farther, indeed, because by then one of my tiles was green.



  1. I used SLATE as my starter word instead of PAINT and it was brilliant! Got it in 3. It helped that I had been reading a murder mystery centred around the Queen and Sandringham (fiction) by SJ Bennett.

  2. Wish You a nice Sunday;)

  3. Mary Lou3:38 PM

    I can’t bring myself to watch the latest series of The Crown. Perhaps because I watched so much of it play out in the media, I don’t need to see more painful episodes. I have a touch of tendinitis in my left shoulder and am knitting less to see if that helps.