Friday, November 18, 2022

 It has been a filthy day, weather-wise, but since it was my bath-morning I not only didn’t go out, I didn’t even wonder if I should try. Helen came for a while. Archie came later, and we got through some paperwork. Daniela’s son Daniel is doing well after his procedure. My resolution not to turn the heating on is being put to the test. So far, so good. The real test will come next week: I’ll turn it on for my sister and her husband. Will I have the strength of character to turn it off when they go?


I got some knitting done, and measured seriously again. Progress is virtually undetectable since last time. I’ve calculated where I will be in the pattern when I hit the armholes. It looks extremely long already. But Fergus is extremely long. I wish KD said somewhere how tall her male model is – I know he’s wearing the size I’m knitting, but what with artistic photography he might be no bigger than the prime minister.


KD’s book “Sark” has arrived. It’s nice. It’s got some nice patterns. There’s not much text, but what there is, is interesting, including an interview with Norah Gaughan. Brooklyn Tweed has sent me an ad for their Kai Fella sweater which I like a lot. Big squares, connected as intarsia. That’s it, but it’s good.


Wordle: A tough word today. It took me six. But nobody else had that much trouble, so maybe it wasn’t as tough as all that. Daughter-Rachel needed five (that’s some comfort); four for Mark and Ketki and Theo; three for Thomas; an astonishing two for Alexander. Nothing from Granddaughter-Rachel or Brother-in-law Roger.






  1. Anonymous1:35 AM

    I vote for turning on the heat - it doesn't seem good to get too cold?
    Are you able to walk inside your apartment? A way to get in one's steps without getting wet.
    do have a good weekend
    Lisa RR

  2. Sara Natwick3:16 AM

    I visited my sister and her husband for three days many years ago in famously wet Portland. They were proud of their unheated house, which was infested with black mold (before we knew how unhealthy that was). I left with asthma, they soon after contracted Chemical Sensitivity and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome respectively. I would urge you to heat your house enough to keep it dry.

  3. =Tamar4:16 AM

    Can't somebody measure Fergus and give you a length to aim for?

  4. Anonymous5:12 AM

    Pleast turn on the heat! This is not about strength of character, but about health and well-being.
    Hilde in Germany

    1. Anonymous5:38 PM

      I agree! Don't risk your health.
      -- Gretchen (aka stashdragon)

  5. Have just read an article on BBC news about the effect of cold on the body. Apparently it affects women more than men. Our heating is on a thermostat; it's been coming on in the mornings but yesterday was the first time it started up in the evening.
    I've been designing a very easy mystery cowl for Advent (two rounds of peerie patterns a day). The sad thing is it won't be a mystery for me! I'm hoping to have forgotten how it goes by 1st Dec.